Alexa app and Fire stick compatibility in the United Kingdom


I have recently purchased two Wyze cams from Amazon (US) and got them delivered to UK, I’ve set one up already and using it on my Wyze app on iphone. I now want to link it to Alexa and also would like to see the cam on my Fire stick plugged into my TV. I’m not sure how I do that. I have heard that Alexa skill for Wyze is only available in the US and Canada. How do I make it work in the UK. I guess this cam is getting popular in the UK too but it may put off customers if Alexa integration doesn’t come soon.
Also if some one can advise how to get the cam on TV using Fire stick.

That is correct; Alexa skill is only available in US and Canada as you have heard. Anyone purchasing Wyze cameras outside of the US and Canada are going to get limited support. Wyze is not an international company…yet.

Please see the last sentence in the first paragraph on this support article.

I also purchased 2 wyze cams from the US for use in the UK. I sideloaded the wyze apk (using Downloader) to my firebox. The home page appears stretched but once you select the camera you get a full HD picture on screen and it works great. I too am hoping for more support and Alexa skills in the UK as I am keen to spread the word to my friends and family.

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I downloaded wyze apk from downloader to my Fire Stick. I enter username and password but then I can not select ‘Sign In’. The cursor doesn’t move on to sign in button. How did you manage to sign in?
Which version of Wyze apk works for you?

I am thinking to order WyzeCam too. I am living in the UK too. Could you tell me how much does it cost to get it delivered it here?

Hi, I ordered Wyze cam through Amazon international and it costed me around £28 including delivery. It works perfect apart from there is no integration to Alexa yet in UK.

What kind of wall plug do you use?

I use my iPhone charger UK plug, it works perfectly fine.

Having the same problem, did you ever get the Sign In to work?

No, it has never worked for me. I have given up.

I had to install a mouse toggle cursor then I could navigate the whole page
I had same problem on Swann apk on fire stick
Hope this helps you