Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

I purchased my Wyze cams in Canada but have recently moved to Germany and bought a new Amazon Echo Show 2nd gen and much to my dismay, I couldn’t find the Alexa Wyze Skill… apparently it’s not available in Germany? Obviously, I’m super disappointed as it seems it would be perfect for the Echo Show, but as it stands, I can’t access the Wyze skill here.

I’m in the UK and I have a few of your cameras, as have lots of other people over here and throughout Europe. I would like to enable the Wyze skill in Alexa but it is not available outside the US. I can’t even enable it through the US Amazon site because it simply tells me that as I have a UK account, I can only use the UK site for skills and, of course, the Wyze skill is not listed there. It shouldn’t be difficult to release the skill over here as it already exists - it seems to be just a matter of allowing it to happen.


This is just bizarre. And why not make it clear at time of purchase. Works with Alexa is a blanket statement. Works with Alexa cough ONLY USA cough isn’t the same thing. I’m very much tempted to return the 5 pan and tilt cameras I bought. As far as I’m concerned this is false advertising. Would be good to see someone from wyze on here to give an indication why what is surely a universal skill is not available for all.


We’re sorry, blair.young. We’re not an international company yet so some of the features that are more regional specific (like Alexa skills) have not been worked on for regions outside of where we ship. The majority of our customer base is in the US because we only ship in the US so far. We aren’t intending to be jerks, we promise! There is just some extra work that is needed to make the skill available in different regions so we weren’t able to make a universal skill.


Hi @UserCustomerGwen / Wyze team. Here another non-US happy customer of your cams, but also very disappointed when found all my cams don’t work on my new Echo Show bought in UK.

Making the Wyze skill available in UK is hopefully the easiest next step for you. Any chance you can inform if that’s on the roadmap? Happy to test for you, where do I sign up?


You may have received a notification from me being an airhead and not paying attention to the thread I was in. Sorry about that! Right now we’re not making moves on this but we are charting the interest. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I don’t understand.

What does “…the Alexa skills seems reasonable” mean?

Also, update the alexa skill to support spanish (mx) please.


Just bought mine (a US citizen living in Spain) and assumed from all the ads and reviews that it would work with my Alexa Echo here in Spain. I was able to buy it via Amazon international. My understanding is it shouldn’t be technically too difficult to at least make global English work with Alexa. Hope it comes…


Hi @UserCustomerGwen - one of the key use cases for this camera is the ability to view the camera feed when you are not at home. In my case, we bought the camera in Canada and use it to monitor a vacation house in canada when we are at our home in the U.K. I also have blink cameras for the same purpose, but the recording facility is better with Wyze. I can view the Blink cameras with my Alexa skill from the U.K. but can’t with Wyze. You have a great product, and I agree (as somebody who has built my own Alexa skills) that it should be easy to enable the existing US/Canada skill for the U.K. as language is not an issue. It should be a case of enabling EN-U.K. language in the skill and resubmitting for approval. This would be much appreciated as Alexa has become the hub for managing all my smart devices and I’d love my Wyzecam to join the party!


We appreciate it! Sorry for the inconvenience at this point.

We’re charting interest but we’d need to have various resources for this such as international servers. We’re not at that point yet and we apologize.

Another disappointed international customer. I bought a camera and tested with echo show where I live int the USA. Bought another echo show and 6 more cameras to setup in Australia to monitor my other properties and share camera feeds with family. Doesn’t work for Australian accounts.
I wish I had known that before buying!!! Please label you ads in Amazon with “only works with Alexa in the USA”, the same way you label with “only works with 2.4Ghz wifi, not 5Ghz”.
Can I return the cameras now?


For a return authorization, you would need to file a support request:

I bought mine to use in Spain, and sold some friends to buy it too, all of us thinking we could use it with Alexa (that was a big selling point for everyone).I LOVE the products. But perhaps Wyze could specify on it’s promo, ads, etc that it only works with Alexa in the USA, and not anywhere else.


Hello, I have the Wyze Cam Pan and am based in the UK.
Currently the Wyze Alexa skill in only available in the US store, Can this be enabled in the uk store so I can connect to my echo spot?


As European (based on Barcelona) I just support @garryseto’s petition. We’re using Wyzecam and we’re happy with this product, but we don’t understand why there is not full compatibility with Alexa or Fire Stick TV in our countries.

Please, reconsider it.



I would love to buy several wyze cams. The surge protector looks also very interesting. Only problem is that I’m in Europe …

Please start supporting non-USA customers !

I’m not sure what is holding you back. Maybe international shipping with Amazon or international AWS storage, …


Hi @UserCustomerGwen. Wyze products are sold around the world and are listed as working with Amazon Alexa, Here is a snippet form Amazon AU site -
" * Works with Alexa: Ask Alexa to show your front door, kid’s room, or anywhere else you have your Wyze Cam"

Therefore Wyze has a obligation (legal and moral) to make this happen. Otherwise, customers have a right to feel mislead, and understandably they object having to accept a part functioning device. Perhaps we should send these back for refunds?

Anyway, it might help if you explain why it is so difficult to port an already existing US Alexa skill over to international Amazon stores? Most other tech companies don’t seem have this issue. Can we help in someway?


Hopefully @UserCustomerGwen will be able to provide more insight. But I do know that Wyze has instructed Amazon to not sell the cameras on their international sites and Amazon has not complied. So I’m not sure we can really say this is Wyze’s fault.


Yeah… We’re not an international company yet because we’re not ready for everything that goes with it. We tried to get Amazon to limit selling our products to the US but that didn’t happen. Since they just copy the pages over, they included the portion about Alexa integration even though it isn’t applicable in that area.

We apologize for the negative experience and we understand where you’re coming from. There are several blockers for us having the Alexa skill available outside of North America but one of the bigger ones is that we would need to reduce the latency period so that it fits into Alexa’s requirements. In order to do that, we would need to have international servers and infrastructure that we’re not ready for yet.