Wyze on Fire Stick TV 4K in Canada

Hello everyone,

Ive been doing some reading and some people in Canada say they can watch their wyze cams on their Fire Stick 4K.
I added the skill and linked my Wyze account. I go to the tv and say what it tells me to say but it says it can not find “that device”. Just wondering if anyone has this working. I’m at a loss.

See this:

The thread is a bit contradictory.

Unless Canada is no longer part of North America. :smile:

Canada can now use the Alexa integration! I recommend contacting our support to see if we can help get this sorted out. :slight_smile:

Submit a request – Wyze


Living in Canada I’m not sure they will offer support as they offer no warranty to Canadians.

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What type of support?
Is they Wyze or Amazon?

Make sure you link your Fire TV as well. Open the Alexa app on your phone. Settings > TV & Video > Fire TV > Manage Devices > Link device

Frustrated. On my Alexa app on my phone when I try to do that it says it can’t find my fit stick tv. No idea why.

That was me under a different account about the tv not showing up on Alexa app.

They is Wyze. They don’t offer warranty to Canadians so I questioned if they would offer support. Not upset if they don’t. Was just questioning.

Wyze doesn’t offer warranty to Canadians because they don’'t sell to Canadians, Amazon does.
Yes Wyze offers support to anyone who asks.
How would they even know you were Canadian?

Didn’t buy the cams through their site.

Just played around some more. Still can’t get the fire stick to show up on Alexa app but I restarted it and the wyze cameras are now working on it. Thanks for your help and patience.