Wyze Cam's in India : Extreme Conditions

Hello from Bangalore .

About two months back , purchased 4 Wyze Cam’s and 1 Pan Cam . We have frequent traffic from the US to our home in Bangalore .

Performance … Wonderful . Met all my expectations.

The Wyze Cam’s face out (under overhangs) and have a silicone cover. The Pan Cam is indoors.

I have Tiny Cam installed on a HDMI monitor , following the detailed instructions from Chris (many thanks !! ). I use the Amazon Fire Stick for the Tiny Cam App.

Excellent performance , very little buffering in the home WiFi environment . I also have two Foscam’s indoor.

The performance of the Wyze App on Android ( India is Android territory ) is decent , but the Foscam App is marginally better.

Outdoors , the Wyze App is adequate under 4 G conditions , but again the Foscam App has an edge. Both perform better under WiFi , when out of home.

Perhaps the Wyze cam’s are performing under the most extreme conditions. Remember , we are on the other side of the world with a 12 hour time difference from California !

The SD card’s , motion detection , recordings, firmware upgrades, all work without problems.

A bug : The Indian time displayed (IST) is off by 30 minutes when one “sync’s time”.

A request . The Alexa skill for Wyze is available on Amazon US but not on Amazon India (Amazon is promoting the Echo family very aggressively here)

Please enable the skill for Amazon India as I have the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

I have just received 2 more Wyze Cam’s for trials at my farm outside Bangalore. I plan to use portable WiFi routers as I have a coverage of 750,000 sq.ft.

This will be a challenge !!

Wyze is welcome to be in touch for feedback’s and I would appreciate all assistance in my projects !!

I am not an IT professional , but enjoy technology . I am 60 + years !!

I am attaching a screen shot on the HDMI monitor of the Tiny Cam on the Amazon fire Stick.

Have a Great Day.



I’m from India and Wyze skill is not available for Alexa India. Kindly make it available. I use the device to monitor my new-born with Echo Spot and it is extremely difficult without the skill.

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The reason the Alexa skill is not available in India is that Wyze Cams are not being sold outside of the US (at least they are not supposed to be). At least not yet. Wyze does not yet have the infrastructure in place to be able to support world wide distribution, and therefore restrict sales to the US so as to provide the best customer experience. Wyze will eventually go world wide, but I’m afraid I don’t know the timeframe of when that might happen.

Completely disagree… They are being sold in India on Amazon. Here is the link - https://www.amazon.in/Wyze-Labs-1080p-Indoor-Camera/dp/B07DGR98VQ/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1543588488&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=wyze+cam+pen

Clearly customers are being duped!

Thank you for providing that link. That is helpful. The problem is really Amazon. They are violating the restrictions that Wyze has placed on distribution. I know that Wyze is trying to track this down and address this, so I’ll pass this along to the Wyze team so they can get to the bottom of it.

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I appreciate that. However, what about us who bought the device already? We have been duped. We can’t even return it now. It would really help if the skill is enabled or an alternate solution provided.

The only reason I bought both the Echo Spot and Wyze Can Pan is because they were advertised to be working together… nothing about all this settings being country specific was mentioned anywhere on the packaging or on Amazon.

I feel completely cheated.

I am in the same boat. Bought the Wyze Cam in the USA and using it in India.
I understand that there are logistic issues to not selling it outside the US.
But making the skill available on Alexa outside the US is a fair ask.

@Marcin Team, Please consider the request

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Greetings from Bangalore …

Perhaps the way we use IP cams in India ( at homes) is different from the US environment . My experience…

  1. It depends on whether you stay in a Bungalow / Villa or an apartment ( I stay in a Bungalow)

  2. We would normally have “help” at home in India (at least the strata who would have cams @ home)

  3. The Cams are more a deterrent ( placed outside) …That is the suggestion from our local police station who are very proactive .

  4. At home , I have an HDMI monitor , with a Amazon Firestick , loaded with the Tinycam Pro App , placed at a vantage point near the kitchen , so that all the 7 cams are seen . Helps in checking the gate when there is a ring , watching the dogs frolic and dig up the flowerbeds around the lawn …!!!

  5. I have the Show and the Spot , and with VPN had configured the entire home network with US address. Had the Alexa’s working in the US environment , the Cams would “show” when called on the Show or Spot (with a considerable lag) …But in my home environment was not useful. So discontinued the VPN and had the network and Alexa’s back in the Indian domain.
    Personally , folks at my home prefer the monitor with Tinycam . But again , this is my personal preference and requirements of others could differ.

  6. So I do not miss the Wyze Cam Skill on Alexa , though it would be “fun” to show when we party at home !!

  7. On a side note , my experiment with the Wyze cams at my farm was successful and the cams could be seen on the Tinycam HDMI monitor at home ( 15 Miles away) . Decent display.

Have a great day

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I purchased and received a Wyze cam from Amazon India. But my camera is not working and refusing to connect during app set up. Did you guys block India on your servers?

Can you please help, as this camera is an investment for me and I need to set it up to ensure safety of my family.

As mentioned above, Wyze Cams are not officially sold or supported outside the US. But here’s the connectivity troubleshooting guide:


If that doesn’t solve it, keep in mind that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. If you don’t get help here from the community, file a support ticket, preferably from within the app while the bad camera is selected. That will ensure that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.

Any updates on releasing the skill in India.

India has time zones that are a half hour apart. In the USA (which the software was written for), this concept doesn’t exist. All USA timezones are an hour apart.

I wouldn’t expect that Wyze will have a fix for that anytime soon.

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Thank you ! While using in India, do you need a converter or adapter. appreciate your advise.

I have been using the Wyze cam for year now and still longing to get the skill enabled for Alexa india…

Nope, its not required…

Dear Loki, is it not possible to enable the skill without selling out side US? Anyone can by Wyze around the world from Amazon or by travelling to US. We like Wyze and we are promoting to our friends and relatives… would greatly appreciate if you could enable that skill world wide/India if it is not going to cost you anything…

Hello @premtvl and welcome to the community

Linked below is a reply from @WyzeGwendolyn about the complications of enabling Alexa in the UK, the same complications are what would be holding them up from enabling Alexa in India, most notable the lack of international servers. It will take some infrastructure changes before they will be able to do that. Hopefully you enjoy using your WYZE cameras even with the current lack of Alexa.


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