Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

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So far, no there’s still official news about showing wyze products outside the US

and still waiting…

funny thing your very happy to take my money but not surport me on alexa … sad !!

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Alexa skill in UK English

It would be a quick easy win to duplicate the skill into UK English.

Even if it’s just using US spellings it’d be better than not having one.

If you read the earlier comments from Wyze, it’s not a question of language, rather limitations due to Wyze only having US servers & the response times demanded by amazon.

It’s anyway clear, from a sales & support point of view, Wyze is currently only focused on the US market.
Until they launch fully in Canada, I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll have any official sales or support in Europe.

I’m not convinced you need any more infra to add the UK English version.

@GabboCH is correct unfortunately. We did apply to do this and were told we would need to reduce latency which would require infrastructure changes that we cannot do currently.

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@WyzeJasonJ do you have any news about Wyze expansion into other regions?

It was mentioned during the company videos after the recent financial investment but without any real substance.

Is it something on the roadmap for the future?

I guess the current supply issues mean it probably doesn’t make sense to open up sales to Europe at the moment if you can’t supply anything but once that is resolved perhaps.

I used to buy my wyze products from and ship them to Europe but this route has now been blocked.


I do not have much to share, but I do know it is on the roadmap for the future. I will be sure to post an update in the topic below when I do learn more.

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Thanks for the feedback Jason…!
Have a great weekend!

Well Wyze sell and ship directly to Australia now from their global store, so all this nonsense from Wyze about not selling outside the USA are lies. It’s about time this company put it’s big boy pants on and joined the rest of the world in offering Amazon support for it’s products EVERYWHERE it sells - i.e. in Australia.

How long has the global site been available?
It’s interesting the Wyze are selling in Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore before even Canada can be selected as an option from the normal store.

Heres hoping they add more countries soon

I’ve just been able to purchase Wyze Cam v3 through the website & ship to the UK!
Finally, been waiting to replace my outdoor cams with the starlight sensor to see the improvement.

A small step in the right direction at least.

Gabbo CH

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But can you get it to work with Alexa, in the UK?


Hmm… they have restored the ability to buy in the UK slightly too late for me.

I needed to buy some cameras for another property, and as I couldn’t buy Wyze in the UK anymore I ordered a Ring camera on prime day to test. It was only £40, so about the same as the Wyze Cam v3 once shipping, potential tax, etc is taken into account. I’ll probably end up using Ring for this new place now, if the software is good enough.

Alexa UK Integration

When is Wyze going to integrate with Alexa UK? I’m interested in the hard wired doorbell, but would be great if it could also alert Alexa UK devices such as Echo.

I would say not for a long time.
Still no official word on bringing Wyze to Europe.
I’m not even sure if they fully work in Canada yet…?

The only working method is to create an amazon US account and assign this to your Echo but it has several side effects like losing amazon content and availability of other skills/apps.

Alexa skill international support

Please add Alexa skill support for non-US Alexa accounts, such as Germany.
Currently, the Alexa Wyze skill only works with a US and Canadian Alexa accounts.

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I think it’s unlikely to happen soon.
You can always try the US Amazon account trick but this can prevent other apps/skills from working

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I would love to have wyze on my Alexa in Holland !

I bought the new Wyze Can OG from the US to use it in my India home. Sadly Alexa doesnt support it in India. Please add Alexa support for Wyze in India. Really need it.

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