Wyze cams in Extreme Conditions !!

Hello from Bangalore .

About two months back , purchased 4 Wyze Cam’s and 1 Pan Cam . We have frequent traffic from the US to our home in Bangalore .

Performance …. Wonderful . Met all my expectations.

The Wyze Cam’s face out (under overhangs) and have a silicone cover. The Pan Cam is indoors.

I have Tiny Cam installed on a HDMI monitor , following the detailed instructions from Chris (many thanks !! ). I use the Amazon Fire Stick for the Tiny Cam App.

Excellent performance , very little buffering in the home WiFi environment . I also have two Foscam’s indoor.

The performance of the Wyze App on Android ( India is Android territory ) is decent , but the Foscam App is marginally better.

Outdoors , the Wyze App is adequate under 4 G conditions , but again the Foscam App has an edge. Both perform better under WiFi , when out of home.

Perhaps the Wyze cam’s are performing under the most extreme conditions. Remember , we are on the other side of the world with a 12 hour time difference from California !

The SD card’s , motion detection , recordings, firmware upgrades, all work without problems.

A bug : The Indian time displayed (IST) is off by 30 minutes when one “sync’s time”.

A request . The Alexa skill for Wyze is available on Amazon US but not on Amazon India (Amazon is promoting the Echo family very aggressively here)

Please enable the skill for Amazon India as I have the Echo Show and Echo Spot.

I have just received 2 more Wyze Cam’s for trials at my farm outside Bangalore. I plan to use portable WiFi routers as I have a coverage of 750,000 sq.ft.

This will be a challenge !!

Wyze is welcome to be in touch for feedback’s and I would appreciate all assistance in my projects !!

I am not an IT professional , but enjoy technology . I am 60 + years !!

I am attaching a screen shot on the HDMI monitor of the Tiny Cam on the Amazon fire Stick.

Have a Great Day.

The Wyze Cam is not sold or supported outside of the USA. So I would not hold out hope that the time sync or India Amazon store issues are going to get addressed. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.