Google Alexa connectivity with Wyze cam v2 not available in the UK

I just bought three Wyze cams from US and got them delivered to me in the UK. I now find out that the Alexa Wyze Skill is not available to UK users but IS available in the US, can anyone throw any light on this for me or is there some sort of work round. I principally wanted to be able to use the Wyze cam through my Alexa Firestick to view my cam on the television.

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Hey Davidtorbitt,

You might want to change the location of your Alexa device,

Good luck,


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The Alexa skill is still really wonky on the Fire Stick. Works on one v2, doesn’t work on the other. Hoping Wyze would update and fix the skill because it has terrible reviews. Even says in the description “doesn’t work with the Fire Stick…yet”

Google Assistant works better (even with the 20 second lag).

the alexa skill for wyze is geo locked to the US.
the wierd thing is the google skill is not geo locked so you can view the cams on a chromecast there is a time delay but it doe work, i just hope wyze resubmit the alexa skill to be world-wide.

Works in Canada…kinda. 1 out of my 2 cams work with Alexa, but both work without issues with Google Assistant