Is Android TV Compatible With Wyze?

I am thinking about buying a new large-screen Android tv.
Does anyone have a newer model Android tv? And, have you installed the Wyze app? Does it work?
How well do Android apps in general work on your Android tv?
I have seen some postings, but it is unclear to me if you can make the Wyze app work on the Android feature.

I haven’t checked lately but it wasn’t compatible with Android TV on an nVidia Shield.
I sideloaded it but it never worked well.

Yeah, I just did some more searching. "Android phone apps don’t work with Android tv unless Google has an Android tv equivalent .

tinyCam will work on Android TV but has it’s own issues. Frequently has to reconnect to the WYZE cameras. Not really a tinyCam issue but still a bit annoying.
I think it may work ok if you only had one camera connected to it.

Would you consider a tv with Amazon Fire instead of an Android tv? (I would think Android tvs should work. But someone should confirm for you.)

I know from personal experience that Tinycam Pro (purchased and downloaded from Amazon) works perfectly for me on my Amazon Fire tvs. I use one of the Insignia 43" 4k tv with Amazon Fire built-in and 2 of the 40" Element 1080p tv’s with Fire tv Cube driving them. Your home network speed and bandwidth and the number of cameras you want to use may also be a factor in your success.

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Far from a perfect solution, you can chromecast your Wyze cam stream to an Android TV. The stream stops after a time and have had issues of it not working at all when Wyze has some server hiccups from time to time. If you have a google home the command is "ok google play “name of camera” on “android tv cast name”

Why is the Wyze app only compatible with Android Phones?

My gawd. This seems absurd!

I Have a Shield and several Tivo streaming 4K -Android TVS and Several 4k fire sticks. WYZE APP DOES NoT WORK ON ANY OF THEM??

I would like to use the app anywhere but my phone.! Why would they develop an app that does not work on any of the popular streaming devices. I am spitting mad right now.

I have tried Tiny Cam plus but it seems I always get hacked on it.

Has anyone figured out how to sideload a “working Wyze Cam App for Android Tv’s or Fire sticks?”

If so can you send me a direct link to download so i can attempt to side load it?