Is Android TV Compatible With Wyze?

I am thinking about buying a new large-screen Android tv.
Does anyone have a newer model Android tv? And, have you installed the Wyze app? Does it work?
How well do Android apps in general work on your Android tv?
I have seen some postings, but it is unclear to me if you can make the Wyze app work on the Android feature.

I haven’t checked lately but it wasn’t compatible with Android TV on an nVidia Shield.
I sideloaded it but it never worked well.

Yeah, I just did some more searching. "Android phone apps don’t work with Android tv unless Google has an Android tv equivalent .

tinyCam will work on Android TV but has it’s own issues. Frequently has to reconnect to the WYZE cameras. Not really a tinyCam issue but still a bit annoying.
I think it may work ok if you only had one camera connected to it.

Would you consider a tv with Amazon Fire instead of an Android tv? (I would think Android tvs should work. But someone should confirm for you.)

I know from personal experience that Tinycam Pro (purchased and downloaded from Amazon) works perfectly for me on my Amazon Fire tvs. I use one of the Insignia 43" 4k tv with Amazon Fire built-in and 2 of the 40" Element 1080p tv’s with Fire tv Cube driving them. Your home network speed and bandwidth and the number of cameras you want to use may also be a factor in your success.

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Far from a perfect solution, you can chromecast your Wyze cam stream to an Android TV. The stream stops after a time and have had issues of it not working at all when Wyze has some server hiccups from time to time. If you have a google home the command is "ok google play “name of camera” on “android tv cast name”