FireTV Apps

Where is everyone getting their FireTV sticks and/or cube apps? I get stable results on my iPad but Wyze on my Fire devices always shut down, lose the preset audio, and do not have the ability to auto update. I can side-load or push via shell transfers from my PC.

Not entirely sure what you mean. I tried installing the Wyze app on my Fire sticks and it didn’t work at all without an external mouse or suspect mouse applet.

But TinyCam is available from the Amazon app store and works great with Wyzecams on Fire devices.


I use small keyboards on all my Fire units except when I’m using the iPad.
I tried TinyCam years ago and could not get it to work well. May be time to give it another try.
Thanx - Paul

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I just spent 20 minutes trying to see my cams on TinyCam. I got rid of all the web ones and it loaded all 8 of my cams but says I need some kind of a key. I need to go to work and may try again when I get back.

There’s a right way to do it. You can search up the details. You just enter your Wyze credentials for each camera instance and select the UID for the appropriate camera. It’s pretty great really.

No other keys necessary unless you’ve made the mistake of enabling Wyze’s multifactor authentication option.

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I finally got one cam to work and put the credentials in for the second and I had 2 views of the same cam. Too much of a hassle and too few features. I’ll just keep looking for better Android app.

I doubt you’ll find better one. I wish there was a version for iOS :frowning:

I have been running the Wyze app for iOS on my iPad for years. It’s the only stable one that I have and I’m pretty sure it was downloaded from the Apple Store.

I was talking about TinyCam.

I just retried to either update or re-install the Wyze app through but would not download. Since they had a contact for the developer I sent them a note. Maybe they overlooked this popular Google/Amazon play store.

I went back and reinstalled version by downloading it from Softpedia on my PC and pushed it to my Fire devices using ADBLink in Windows 11. Not sure if this is the latest version as it is the only one I have. We’ll see if it is any better than the older versions. Sure wish they would auto update like on my iPad.

As I said you just click the UID selector and pick exactly the Wyze named camera. It’s really easy. Good luck with the Wyze app though.

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My cams that monitor our driveway lasted 2 days and then jumped back out to the home page. This was better than before but not what I was hoping for :confused: