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I have a Fire Tablet HD8 (8th Gen). Up to last week, TinyCam Monitor (free) was working fine. Then it started having crashing issues. Trying to view Wyze cams (crash). Trying to start the app (crash).

Cleared the cache, and cleared data - didn’t help.

I uninstalled and tried to reinstall a previous version (15.3.6) since that worked best - when downloading it from Amazon App Store and trying to install but won’t install (unknown source is on). Same with the Google Play store. I also have the 15.3.6 apk file and tried to directly install it from the file folder, the same outcome.

I get “App not installed” with a triangle with an exclamation point in it.

BUT this version works fine on my Fire Tablet 10. So the app shouldn’t be the issue.

I even reset the tablet back to factory default in case there was some bug interfering ( :dizzy_face: )

I need suggestions (no I’m not getting a new tablet). Why can’t it reinstall?

Has anyone tried ANYTHING else (free) that works on Fire Tablets (2018 and up)??

I am willing to even buy the Pro version of TinyCam but it needs to work correctly first.

Hey 'Sis

What are the OS versions on the Fire 8 & 10, respectively? It’s modified Android, yeah?

I have no experience with Fire stuff but I’ll tell my story with an old tablet, Android 6.01, and tinyCam free & Pro. v2 cams, latest firmware ( Maybe something clicks. :slight_smile:

tinyCam 15.1.3 Free
Runs livestream well 3 or 4-up. Plays Wyze Event videos.

tinyCam 15.3 Pro
Runs livestream well 3 or 4-up. Does not play Wyze Event videos: App stalls while loading. Must force stop to exit.

IIRC, versions later than these wouldn’t install from the apks into Android 6.01.

Maybe because (from last May)

Old apks for tinyCam Free are available on repository sites like apkpure - but not Pro.

Here are copies of both I saved (link good for 7 days or 10 downloads) fwiw…


I can’t help you with TC Free or the tablet version.

I use TCPro on an Android phone and just cycled thru all of my cams. Multi-tile and individual cams load and play with no crashes. I do ocasionaly get an app crash when entering the settings though.

TCP 15.3.10 for Android and it will play Video Events from the cloud.

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The Fire 8 is OS and the Fire 10 is

Both are ruining the latest versions.

I downloaded the files, I’ll try both and report back.


Both versions worked.

I don’t know why but both were able to install. Only reason I can think of is that it’s a version before 15.3.6 and the Fire OS seems okay with that.

I backed up my camera file again, this time off the tablet. It’s such a pain to have to set them up again.

Needless to say I will not be updating the app EVER.

Thank you @peepeep. To me right now you’re worth more than gold :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Great! :grin:

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Change the decoder setting in Tinycam to Hardware+.

Settings >Video Settings > H.264/H.265 Decoder > change to Hardware+.

I know someone else who had a crashing issue on Tiny Cam with V3’s, and this resolved it. See if it fixes it for you too and let us know.

Edit: oops! Just saw this was already fixed before I posted. :slight_smile:

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Carver doesn’t like retrograde fixes. :wink: :hugs:


Oops, my bad, I didn’t get to the post to read that a fix had already been found. :joy: Good job Peep!


Absolutely no problem. A shot in the dark on my part. Or at least dim twilight.

Just happy TechSis got back up quickly. Now she can pursue a proper fix at her leisure. If and when she wants. :grin:

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If I want :wink:don’t fix what ain’t broke (or re-broke)

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