Latest firmware broke Tinycam


Since installing the latest firmware on my V3s the feed to Tinycam on my android tablet is dropping out and then coming back every few seconds.

It was fine before the firmware update - nothing else has changed on my system.

The Wyze app is working ok - no dropping out, it is just Tinycam having problems and there have not been any updates to Tinycam.

I have submitted a log file number 515305

Did you check to see if there is a tinycam update? This isn’t the first time something like this happened and the update was made fairly quickly.

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There is no update to Tinycam.

The problem started immediately after applying the latest firmware update - nothing else was changed, so it has to be a problem with the new firmware.

I would go post in the tiny Cam forums. Wyze doesn’t specifically accommodate 3rd party APIs. The Tiny Cam owner is good about accommodating firmware changes when he knows about the issues. He even works for Wyze now.

Let him know the exact firmware version.

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I will do that - thanks for the advice.

From what I have googled it seems like the cams are not sending a regular signal to Tinycam to keep it connected to the video stream.

My feeling is that the last firmware update removed or changed the signal from the cameras.

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