TinyCam :: Good value Android tablet in 2021?

My VK-810 seems to be running out of gas. No surprise, circa 2014. LG G Pad 8.3 - Wikipedia Android 5.0.2 The Wyze app no longer works on this OS. Play Store crashes frequently. No longer stable.

About time for something more modern? Yeah, maybe. :slight_smile:

A new tablet will be pretty much dedicated to running TinyCam Pro. Looking for suggestions. Have you found a reasonably priced Android tablet? Suggestions?

Will also use it for network debugging tasks. Better apps than on iOS.

Thanks muchly!

The Fire 7 or Fire HD8 are crazy cheap (especially on sale) and perfectly functional. The HD8 has been my primary TinyCam Pro console for a year. Had to tweak it to stay awake and kill the ads.

My only real difficulty is I still get Amazon’s forced updates that reboot the machine. TinyCam restarts fine and goes to live view, but for some reason it won’t resume either background mode or its web server, until I toggle them back on.

Greatly appreciate your response and guidance. Thank you! I thought about the Amazon devices, knowing they are pretty cheap but worried about the functional limitations. Sounds like TinyCam installs and runs. That’s cool.

A little more guidance? Any pointers on how to keep it awake and kill the ads? Trivial effort? Or a marathon? Pointers to the steps?

Thank you again!

Lots of ways to do it. Here is a reference I’ve used to deal with the ads using ADB. It takes 3 minutes with your PC. There are several apps that will make it even easier. But you can also just pay Amazon the 15 bucks.

Lots of ways to tweak power and sleep settings but I don’t remember all the ones I adjusted, sorry.


@drubdrub - here’s what I ended up having to use on my FireHD in addition to the normal settings tweaks. It’s an app called “Keep Screen On Free” by ByOne Technology.

My settings are “Until I turn off”, “Run as a service”, “Continue keep on after screen turns off and then on”, and “Continue to keep on after Power off and then on”.

For more of my very personal “journey” ( :slight_smile: ) with TinyCam you can read

Firestick, Wyze Sideload, Alexa, TinyCam?

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Dang, @Customer that other thread was gold! I had found it, but disregarded since it was titled “Firestick” and I wasn’t interested in that HW. Doh! The thread has gobs o good noodling and practical advice. Thanks for the pointer.

Using an Android TV also had not floated through my dome. Another great possibility. A browser runs on dang near anything so use the Android TV as a headless web server. Brilliant. Almost as good as running on a Pi. Almost.

And, I am delighted to give the TinyCam Pro author my $4. Well deserved for very useful, quality software!!! I WANT to support his ongoing effort! Well-deserved and a small way to show my appreciation. A suggestion to others? :wink:

A topic I didn’t see mentioned was “administrative load”. One objective should be to minimize the number of platforms / OSs / Apps a person must administer. Contain the amount of work, cuz I suspect for most of us … we are the only person in the household who can or will contribute to that burden. I have a lot to do around “the homestead”; repairs, redecorating, remodels, more repairs, grounds work, user tech support, and the tech infrastructure support. Wise to be judicious and keep the count low. :slight_smile:

Thank you again @Customer . Very helpful.

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You’re welcome. Again I’ve had some trouble keeping TinyCam Pro’s web server up after restarts and have been meaning to write the developer.

Also, you should know that several people here have claimed the Fires are too underpowered to run TinyCam full time but I haven’t found that to be entirely the case for me. I have a 4-up display full time with person detection, recording, web server, etc. I wouldn’t exactly call the recordings smooth but for the price I’m not complaining. The live video is good. It has dropouts but so does the Wyze app. That said I’d probably be happier with a faster machine.

Oh and I added both non-Wyze cameras and some of my city’s live traffic cams to the SAME interface. TinyCam is terrific.

Well that didn’t last. :frowning:

Anybody else have tablet suggestions? My trusty Fire HD8 now has lines through the display. (And the HD8s only have 90 day warranties, unlike the larger models.) It wasn’t mishandled; it’s been sitting in its easel minding its own business all along. It works fine otherwise. Just display component failure. :frowning:

I’m thinking of edging up to a 10 or 11 inch tablet replacement. The going rate at the low end is between $100 and $200.

The straightforward choice would be a Lenovo but I’ve also read good (if possibly fake) reviews on Dragon Touch on Amazon and a Digiland at BestBuy. (I could always go with a 10" Fire but the hacking starts to lose its charm.)

Any other Wyze forum folk have thoughts on this?

An update … I picked up a Fire 10. This is about week 4 using it.

My primary objectives were

  1. Run a 3-up or 4-up display on TinyCam
  2. Run full-time during the work day

Another objective was to use it as a general purpose Android device.

My experience

  1. Installed TinyCam from the Amazon store. Works great.
  2. Running a 3-up display during the work day. Works great. Images are quite smooth. No complaints so far.
  3. Tried installing Google Play without success

The Google Play instructions I used: Install the Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire Tablet (Updated Aug 2022)

I want to get the Google Play store installed. The Fire is quite limited with only the Amazon store. So, will get back to trying to get it installed some time when I have the time to screw with it. No big rush since it is meeting my primary objectives.

So, happy with the Fire, with the caveat that it’s not serving me well as a general purpose Android platform. A minor problem for a $140 device.

I believe those are the instructions I used and they worked fine on the HD8 to install Play Services. In fact that’s exactly why I installed them, just temporarily, in order to install the Play Store version of TinyCam Pro. The Amazon store version has a couple of omitted features - this is documented on the TinyCam web site.

Well I just gave in and ordered the Fire HD10 for $99 on sale. There was little other choice. It’s 3 GB and very well reviewed, and the competition was at least $30-$40 higher. I also should be getting 20% off + $10 for trading in the dying HD8.

Sigh, more mild hacking in my future.