Tinycam Connection Error

I’ve been running the free tinyCam app on a Fire HD8 for a few weeks now with no issues. Just recently, all of my Wyzecams are displaying a “P2P Failed to connect by UID= (then a string of numbers)” I’ve googled and came up with nothing. I’ve e-mailed the logs to the dev, but haven’t heard back. Anyone else having this or a fix?

Try to reboot your camera.

Thanks! I’ve tried that a few times with one of the cams and unfortunately, no luck.

No dice in getting it resolved. It did, however, motivate me to sideload the Google Play store and get the Wyze app. Works great!

I’ll still see if I can get this sorted it out in case the same issue pops up again in the future for someone else.

Any luck? Having the issue now trying to figure it out.

Did you check for a TinyCam update? This broke a few weeks ago with a Wyze update.