TINYCAM PRO w/ v2 Cams - USERNAME/PW error since last FW update?

Anyone else experience this? I have 5 v2’s that were working fine to access via Cloud on Tinycam (via FireTV). Immediately after latest FW update, 4 out of the 5 cams now error out in Tinycam asking checking for updated username/password. The 5th v2 is still working BUT it always had the RTSP FW. I do not have 2FA active and I rechecked username/password is current both in app & via wyze app. Everything works fine from wyze app BTW.

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Oh I hope this is a one-off issue. If they’ve broken 3rd party access to Wyze authentication there are going to be a whole lot of unhappy Wyze customers.

I don’t update firmware so I can’t verify. Have you restarted everything and tried beginning with a blank copy of TinyCam?

Hey wait a second - camera firmware has nothing to do with app authentication? That doesn’t make sense that one would affect the other. Maybe it’s just that the sequential device IDs got rejiggered.

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I’m having the same issue–I have two v2s and two Pans and after updating all of them two show username / password error in Tinycam Pro. Wish I hadn’t updated, as there doesn’t appear to be a way to revert to older firmware. Very frustrating!

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Go to Camera Settings, Advanced and try different Channel numbers. You can also just go to Camera Status and it shows all the currently assigned channel numbers. (TinyCam is great.)

My earlier statement got marked as solution so I’m hoping the original poster was able to reassign the right channel number?

Reassigning channel number didn’t fix it.


I have the same problem.