Wyze 2FA no longer working on tinycam?

So at the end of june my cams stopped working in my smart tv running tinycam. When I tried to reconnect, reboot, etc it would tell me invalid login response. So I have tried to reset my pw quite a few times and everytime it would get through to the point where it would as for the 2fa code, but I would get sent about a dozen codes in the span of a minute. I wouldnt even be able to type a code in before I recieved another one. So last night I really tried to sit down and figure out the issue. I was finally able to get it working by reinstalling tinycam on the tv, and adding all my cams back in in the right order. I also turned off 2fa in the wyze app. Thought I was good. So I turned 2fa back on. Now this morning when I was trying to scroll through my cams it asked me for the 2fa code again, and again, I got sent like 2 dozen codes in the span of 1-2 mins, and eventually got locked out again. Any ideas?

tinyCam dev here. Seems to be a bug with SMS 2FA in latest tinyCam app. Switch to app authenticator in Wyze app. That should work in tinyCam app.


Will do, thx

Hey Alexey, I’ve heard so many good things about your app here but haven’t tried it yet. Does the free version work when sideloaded on a Firestick, or would it be stranded without a mouse and I need to buy the specific Pro version offered on the stick’s App section?

First time encountered this the SMS went kinda haywire, but the next (latest) update calmed things down a lot and I could paste the SMS 2FA codes in an orderly way, no worries. :slight_smile:

Sideloading FREE version should work on Fire TV devices.

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Where do I find the app authenticator in the Wyze app?
How do I get to the app authenticator in the Wyze app.


There isn’t an autheticator in the Wyze app. You need a third party app like google authentcator, Authy,Microsoft authenticator, etc.