Tinycam two-factor authentication

I’ve been using Tinycam Pro to monitor my Wyze Cams for years without two-factor authentication enabled in the Wyze Cam app (Android). Today I can’t access my Wyze Cams because Tinycam is requesting a 2FA passcode. I couldn’t find information as to why this suddenly changed so I enabled 2FA in the Wyze Cam app. However, entering the passcode received via SMS doesn’t work. Anyone here know what changed and/or a workaround?

It was posted elsewhere that this was fixed by forcing a Tiny Cam App Update:

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Thank you but my tinyCam pro app can’t be updated beyond the version I currently have. I’ve found that this problem only exists on my tablets running an older version of Android. TinyCam installed on my phone with current version of Android doesn’t request two-factor authentication.

Something changed overnight that broke older versions of tinyCam. Looks like I’ll be needing a couple of new tablets.

Perhaps @peepeep can be of assistance in explaining. I do not use iOS. Take a look at this post…

Same issue running on older Fire Tablet never used 2FA.

I’m researching how to root my old Fire tablet and install a ROM with new version of Android. Looks like I’ll need Linux to accomplish this. Might just look for an inexpensive tablet. Nothing fancy since it’s only purpose will be to monitor Wyze cams. Any suggestions?