Tiny Cam asking for 2FA for Wyze cams when 2FA not set up on Wyze

Tiny Cam is asking for my 2FA all of a sudden today but I don’t have 2FA set up. None of my Wyze cams can be accessed. Anyone else having this problem?

I have used Wyze 2FA from the begining since it is more secure. So My TCP has been logged in using 2FA since then.

What happens if you enable the Wyze 2FA?

I just forced an update in the Play Store and now it does not ask for it anymore, so this problem is solved. Also my OG cameras started showing up. Thanks!

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I think it comes down to ‘fixed in new tinyCam version 17.0.5, which requires Android 7 or higher.’

I experience what you describe with Android 6 running tinyCam 15.3 (the highest version usable on that OS.)

Running the latest tinyCam 17.0.5 on Android 10, all is well.



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I forced updates to 17.0.5 on my phone and tablet and it now works and OG’s both show up. I forced an update on my PC on BlueStacks 5 to 17.0.5 but I get a “failed to initialize” error for the OG cameras. Re-booted the cameras and same. Deleted OG’s and re-installed and same. BlueStacks 5 is Android 11 so it should work.

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Hmm. As it happens, I’m running Bluestacks 5 emulating Android 11 and tinyCam Pro 17.0.4 with v2 cams and no errors. Guess I’ll leave it there for the moment. :slight_smile:

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My older cameras work fine on the 17.0.5. Just not the OG’s. Got an email into the developer. He answered my last one in 30 minutes.

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From TCPro developer:
x86 is not supported for Wyze OG. You need to switch on ARM support for Bluestack.

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I tested it and it works fine. Instructions here: (https://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058929011-What-is-Application-Binary-Interface-ABI-in-BlueStacks-5)

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