Wyze access codes for Tinycam

Hey folks. I have been using tinycam for a year now and every device I add my account to requires a 6 digit access code to add my cams.

Problem is that I when i try to add a cam to my account on my phone I do not recieve a code from wyze. When I add a cam on any other device a code is sent no problem.

What’s up with this? Help

No idea what you mean. I use TinyCam and have never had to do anything like that. I assume it’s because you enabled two factor authentication?


I too have never been asked for any code. I agree with Customer that you must have 2 factor authentication turned on. I purposely disabled 2FA for my Wyze account because I read a lot of people had problems with it using it elsewhere like Tiny Cam…then I read that TinyCam created a fix for it so it would work more smoothly now with 2FA, but I still leave it off.


Yes, when using 2FA with Wyze and tinyCam there have been various weirdnesses at times.

  1. The tinyCam dev recommends switching to authenticator app instead of using SMS text messages for 2FA in your Wyze account for more security and stability.

  2. When adding multiple cams from one Wyze account with 2FA into tinyCam, do not use “Add” (the + icon). Instead, use “Copy” then “Edit” under the 3 dots on the right for each camera. This way you can quickly add a whole bunch of cams with less typing and 2FA hassle.

  3. When you click on “Edit” a camera, check the top item, “Camera Status”. Give it a sec and it will show you the whole list of Wyze cams on that account and the current camera number (channel) that they have been assigned by Wyze (which may change as you add and arrange devices inside the Wyze app).

  4. One quick-n-dirty workaround is to setup multiple Wyze accounts - a main one with 2FA to use with the Wyze app and secure the cams, and a second one without 2FA to use with tinyCam for people viewing. Share the cams from the control account to the viewing account and then it’s simple to set up multiple tinyCam viewing stations without messing with 2FA every time. So if there are ever any security issues, your tinyCam viewers cannot do too much damage, and it’s easy to cancel the sharing from the main control account.

  5. Also not to forget - can run Wyze, tinyCam Free and tinyCam Pro on same device for superfast access from home screen to different locations and camera selections.


Step No.2 worked! Thank you. I used “Edit” instead of “Add” and it worked like a charm - no more requests for 2FA authentication,


Very glad to hear it!