Lockout issues

So I have been trying to use TinyCAM and authenticate. For some reason when I try to authenticate, WYZE keeps sending new 2FA codes every 15 seconds. By the time I type a code in, they send another, and another and another. Now I am completely locked out of my account. I can no longer access my cams. I am so pissed.

I am ready to chuck all my Wyze trash. I have a new outdoor cam coming. I think I will take a video of me smashing it to bits. I am so frustrated right now.

Im sorry you’re having issues!
You could factory reset the cameras and make a new account.

Contact the @WyzeTeam or @WyzeGwendolyn so they can help you with this!

it’s not ideal but I don’t know how the 2FA works with a third party so if you chose to go that route you may have to turn 2FA off. it’s not ideal in the least, but it would get you out of that lockout situation when you try again.

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I’m sorry, I don’t know how to troubleshoot for tinyCam since we don’t have a direct integration with them. I’ve heard about some other folks having this issue while using tinyCam so it may be worth checking in a tinyCam forum to see if there’s a workaround.

I had that issue on one recent build of tinyCam. I think I deleted all the cams in tinyCam except one. I authenticated that one, and then used the “copy” feature to add the rest of the cams back in one at a time.

But you will probably get a better answer from Alexey at his email here: