TinyCam Pro login issues

Hello, I’ve been using TinyCam pro with my Wyze cams since 2018, suddenly, I keep getting an error when trying to add them. It says “Invalid “empty” login response. Account can be temporarily locked. Check credentials and try again in 15 minutes”. Anybody have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Joe

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This should answer your questions:

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Invalid empty “login” response. Account can be temporary locked. Check credentials and try to login in 15 minutes.

I tried every possible way to solve this problem but I could not I no longer can use tiny cam with wyze app

This happened today and I was not attempting to do anything, it just appeared on all Wyze camera in tinycan

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This was caused by a recent Server update Wyze did that was announced in the thread linked below. It was reported by @peepeep toward the bottom of the thread.

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Wyze app is the latest 2.4.35
Android 13
Tinycan pro 15.3.10

Same error , changed password in wyze cam
Updated all passwords in in tinycan
Error does no go awy

I know. I am having the same issue with TCP running on my Chromecast. Still good on my Android though.

This isn’t something we are going to be able to fix from our end. Wyze & TCP are going to have to coordinate a fix.

Long time PAID Wyze user here. Having same issue. “Invalid “empty” login response. Account can be temporarily locked. Check credentials and try again in 15 minutes”, this came out of the blue a few days ago.

Running Wyze app ver 2.43.5(3) and cannot get it to work with Tiny cam Pro (yes pro paid). Been running this for years now.

I have tried everything, I have tried:

  • Unstalling/installing Wyze app
  • Unstalling/installing TC Pro
  • Tried removing authentication on account and re adding it

Nothing is working. Pls help as we stream all of our cams to a few large TVs for security.

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Tinycam is a third party app, and needs to update their stuff to catch up to recent Wyze changes outlined in the other thread you posted in.

Looks like a tinycam update is in the works.



thank you so much! I’ll wait for an update


Just FYI, I was having this issue for a couple of days, just updated my tinyCam Pro app (the most recent update showing in Google Play was from yesterday (Jul 25th, 2023) and now wyze cameras are working again!