How does two factor authentication work on Wyze V3 cameras? Anyone tried it?


Sorry you are having issues w\ TCP after enabling 2FA.

I have been using 2FA w\ Wyze using an Authenticator app and also TCP for some time on my Android 11 Moto G.

I do not recall if\how\when I got TCP to stream with the 2FA or even which came first. Another user stated that they got a pop-up when they went to live stream TCP after setting up 2FA. I have had the two together for so long, I don’t honestly remember how it transpired when I set them up.

What I do know is that since initial setup many moons ago (that I can’t remember), TCP has never asked me to authenticate. Even when I log out of the Wyze app.

But, If I physically sign out of my Wyze app, thereby terminating the current 2FA login certificate with the app, my TCP acts all kinds of stupid wonky with errors on cams and no loads and app shutdowns. So long as I login to the app w\ the 2FA and don’t log out, the TCP acts great every time.

It sounds like Wyze and TinyCam need to talk DIRECTLY to each other.
What will happen if we lose electric power for a few minutes or if we lose the internet signal for a few minutes. Will we have to re-sign in to Wyze and to the TinyCam app.
I suspect that nobody has ever thought about that.
Can anyone tell us what happens under these circumstances?
Or can anyone try these 2 circumstances and tell us what happened.
Wyze and TinyCam really need to work closely with each other because Wyze and TinyCam will benefit because their customers will benefit.
Please think about your CUSTOMERS

I just ran a test. Shut down my 4G\LTE data and unplugged my router from WiFi (simulated internet outage). Verified no access to internet. Then plugged ISP gateway back into router, waited for it to reconnect, and opened the Wyze App and TCP. Both loaded and streamed without 2FA requests.

I think because the 2FA successful login certificate is still active on my device, it doesn’t ask for another authentication.

I use the Wyze App w\ 2FA Authenticator App and TCP on the same device. I just posted the same question to @Paulo over on another thread because I don’t know the answer: Is TCP not requiring me to authenticate every time I stream specifically because I have the app installed in the same device and already 2FA logged in? Like I said, when I log out of the Wyze app TCP acts all kinds of stupid but doesn’t ask for authentication. Is this because it is trying to use a now expired 2FA certificate? Does TCP ask for authentication over an over again only on devices where the Wyze App is not installed and therefore not doing the 2FA legwork registering the device in the user account on the Wyze Servers?

The configuration issues and 2FA incompatibility problems with TCP are certainly supporting a reason to have the Opt Out.

“The configuration issues and 2FA incompatibility problems with TCP are certainly supporting a reason to have the Opt Out.”

Please keep 2FA as OPTIONAL until all these incompatibilities are resolved.
Then we will have confidence that we won’t lose the capabilities we currently have.
Wyze show you care about your customers
Just DELAY Mandatory 2FA till the incompatibilities are solved

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What did @Paulo have to say about your questions about this 2FA issue and about your setup?

These 2FA/TinyCam incompatibilities have been know and discussed for a long time and still appear to exist.
First post about these incompatibilities is JULY 2020.
See website below:

I have Wyze cam set up on my iMac using Wyze app, and on my iPhone using the Wyze app. There is NO Wyze App (Repeat, NO WYZE APP) for Fire Tablets. So on my old fire tablets I’m using the Wyze Alexa Skill and on new fire tablets I’m using TinyCam. It took me a long time to set these up and get them working. They are finally working perfectly. And TinyCam shows 4 cameras on each of two fire Tablets. it is wonderful. I am convinced that 2FA will really mess up this wonderful setup. I am not concerned with anybody viewing my camera feeds since there is nothing personal on my cameras. I am very happy with my camera and display set ups and recommend that 2FA be OPTIONAL, like it is now.

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2FA will be optional, you can read the FAQ’s here.

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Excerpt from the Wyze FAQ:
“Is 2FA really required, or can I opt-out?”
“Yes, 2FA will be required to set up all Wyze accounts. But there will be an option to opt-out in the future.”

So if I understand this FAQ,
I MUST use 2FA to set up all Wyze accounts.
But then sometime in the indefinite future, I can opt-out of 2FA. When will op-out be available ?
I already have an account with Wyze.
So I am required to use 2FA only if I try to set up a new or different account with Wyze.

I have NOTHING against 2FA

    • -as long as it works with TinyCam, Alexa Skill & Wyze App on Fire Tablets.
      I have and use 2FA with Apple devices and iCloud and it works with NO PROBLEMS with any other Apps.

I have no problem using Wyze 2FA ,

      • if you can guarantee that Wyze 2FA will work with TinyCam and the Wyze Alexa Skill on Fire Tablets.
        Does it work error-free with TinyCam and Wyze Alexa Skill on Fire Tablets?
        Have you tried it?

I turned on 2FA, and it’s been ease pease. After I logged back in to my Android app using 2FA, the only thing I had to do was to re-link Wyze in Google Home so I could again tell Google what to do with my lights etc. (I lost that ability when I turned on 2FA…Google would say something like “I’m sorry…Wyze Home is not available.”)

For me that was:
Google Home → Settings → Works with Google → Wyze Home → Reconnect account → (then go through the process of logging in to Wyze+2FA, accepting notices, etc). After that, it’s been business as usual.

2FA is good times…turn it on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
Glad to hear that Wyze 2FA works with Google Home.
But I do NOT use Google Home,
I use Tinycam and Wyze Alexa skill with Fire Tablets…
I want to continue to use TinyCam and Wyze Alexa Skill with Fire Tablets…
I need to hear from someone using TinyCam and Wyze Alexa Skill and tell me if it works.
From previous posts, users have said that Wyze 2FA screwed up their use of TinyCam.
I have NOT heard from anyone that says it works with TinyCam with NO PROBLEMS.
All I have heard about its use with TinyCam is that it is a DISASTER with TinyCam.

Tinycam is only for cams flashed with RTSP capabilities, right?

I guess I should have said my comment is only about Google Home and Google Home users… Didn’t mean to rile.

The ‘requirement’ has not been implemented yet. When they ‘flip the switch’ to require it they will have the opt out ready to go.


Jason, that is GOOD NEWS, indeed.


No. Tiny Cam does not require RTSP FW. It runs with standard firmware or RTSP firmware. I currently use it with all my cams without RTSP.


Thank you. I’ll give it a shot tonight with my 2FA setup then.

Wrong. TinyCam uses native firmware and authentication to connect to Wyze cameras.

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That’s awesome. Thank you. Somehow I missed that fact all these years while I wasn’t trying TinyCam. Excited to try it out tonight…just to see… :slight_smile:

Sorry about the double post. I hadn’t gotten to @SlabSlayer posting the same thing.