TinyCam Pro 2FA is not working, no 2FA code received and 2FA code from google authenticator not working

I have been using TinyCam Pro with an android TV box for a long time. This morning I tried to load TCP on another android TV box and it asked for 2FA code. But I didn’t receive any SMS code (2FA default to SMS). Then I tried email, no code. I tried google authenticator but the code didn’t work.

Unfortunately the TCP was logout from the first android TV box and couldn’t log back in with code from google authenticator. I have to turn off 2FA.

I really want to turn 2FA back on while still being able to use TCP on my android TV box to view 4 cams in landscape mode. Using Wyze app will show only one cam in landscape at a time.

@alexey.vasilyev Any idea ?


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There was another user who also had this issue from an Alexa Fire TV Stick 4K that had TCP side loaded. It might be a compatibility issue with the Wyze 2FA not accepting credentials from those OS platforms. :man_shrugging:

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Received SMS 2FA code in the past when logging in TCP but not this morning. All Wyze apps and TCPs were logged out when I switched 2FA default methods. Received SMS 2FA code when logging into Wyze app, but not TCP.

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I would ask in the Tinycam Subreddit where the cofounder Alexey Vasilyev lurks:


As an added bonus, the TinyCam cofounder was also hired by Wyze in October 2020 as a Senior Software Engineer. So he’s the man to ask, and that’s the place to ask. If anyone can resolve this for you, it’s him,

It’d be great to hear a follow-up from you on this since I’m sure others may have similar questions in the future.


Somehow 2FA worked for my 1st android tv box this evening after I turned 2FA back on. I got the SMS 2FA code which worked.

2FA for my 2nd android tv box also worked after I updated TCP.

Then spent quite a bit of time doing 2FA for my many fire tablets and phones.

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