Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

That is what I have been advised by Wyze…not available outside the US and Canada with no plans to do so…

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Typically it is enforced by the shipping or billing address being outside the US or the bank on a debit card not being a US Bank.

My brother-in-law in Singapore has gotten around such restrictions by having a US Bank issued debit card and using a friend or relatives US address.

There are even mail and shipping forwarders that give you a US address to use that automatically redirects to your real address. They accept packages and letters on your behalf then forward them to you. For a fee of course.

Agreed! Their S3 storage costs are probably pretty high because of all the false-positive bug videos. That could be the low-hanging fruit their engineering team can work on to save some unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, I wouldn’t mind installing a small distributed package (via Docker?) on my unRAID NAS and computers to help off-load the compute cost of AWS. We are a family, right? Let’s help each other! The videos can remain encrypted to keep privacy intact. Perhaps this could be a model of giving, those of us who can help with processing power, free Cam Plus accounts (aka Community Compute Champions…or some other fancy name) for those of us who can help off-load the compute cost.

That was exactly what I had when installing the Free version

But then I have to buy it twice once for Android and once for the firetv stick

That’s not what the author said when I asked him here:

And here’s where @sodcam checked with him about keeping Wyze credentials:

You just got 10 MILLION dollars from an investor. Use that money to pay for the service you provide.

Oh by the way I never heard of apps2fire. I sideload things directly on the Firestick using the native Downloader app. Works fine (except that the Wyze app ends up stuck without mouse support). Still haven’t done TinyCam though.

Make that 15 mil.[Wyze Labs, Inc. closes $15 million in new financing]

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You need mousetoggle

And TinyCam pro works on the Ftv. Free doesn’t

Thanks. Strange that the developer himself said otherwise. Also I made a thread about just this subject. Mouse Toggle sounded suspect to me and I haven’t tried any variant.

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I’ve been using mousetoggle for a long time.
You can buy it in Google play. The ap. runs from the phone and installs mouse toggle on your Ftv.
I’ve used it both from download and from the ap.


I use tinyCam daily at work, mainly for live streaming, its got a lot of good features including person detection. I also like it’s customizable detection zone

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Back in the PC (Pre Covid 19) days i ran tinyCam server so I could view my cameras on my work computer browser.
It worked good other than dropping camera connection frequently. I’m sure that’s just a matter of a few tweaks.


My main laptop is chromebook so I just use the tinyCam pro app

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I run Tinycam on a rpi3B. Video is a bit choppy due to the lack of video processing power, but it works well enough as a webserver for my limited needs.

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I was just looking at this…

It looks attractive as it has a M2 ssd connector.
It would make a nice cloud tinycam server

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Priced a bit higher than the Pi4B. Are there tests showing it’s significantly faster?

You need a 3B to run Tinycam Pro under Android Things. See here.

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