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If anyone is using TinyCam to view the live streams I’ve figured out a problem that came up when I installed the sense modules. None of my cameras were working and I spent hours playing around to figure out what happed. In TinyCam, under advanced settings, you need to set a unique channel number for each camera. It looks like the sense modules actually take a channel, 1 each, so 1-3 were taken with the package. This caused all my cameras to fail with a p2p error. If you reconfigure your Cameras to start with channel 4, higher number if you have more modules, everything looks to be working now.


Yes. I have to move all Sense door (7 installed) and motion (1 installed) sensors to the bottom of the Wzye app device list to maintain the original channel numbers of my 17 V2 and 2 pans , i.e. channel 1 to 19, in using tinycam pro.

Also enabling Two-Factor Authentication will make tinycam pro not working and I have to disable it.

tinyCam dev here. If someone can provide me a temporary access to Wyze account with Wyze Sensors installed, issue will be fixed ASAP.


Hello Alexey, it is great you are following the forum :-)!!

What issue you are referring to ? I just need to move Sense sensors to end of the device list and everything is working with tinycam pro. The only thing not working is Two-Factor Authentication with tinycam pro and I have to turn it off. No big deal though since my account password is pretty strong :slight_smile: and most of my cameras are for monitoring my indoor and outdoor cats. I have one camera monitoring a water pressure gauge connected to my water boiler :-), making sure my house water pressure is normal.

The thing I like most with Wyze cams is I don’t need to open port to view them with tinycam pro.

Thanks for your and Wyze efforts!!

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I just want to make ignoring all Wyze Sense devices in order to have camera number the same in tinyCam as it was before Wyze Sense added,

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Thanks! Got email from Wyze about official launch of Wyze Sense and expansion kits tomorrow @ 9am PT. Probably you can purchase it for dev.

About that channel number, Wyze app will put any newly added device, cam/sensor, @ the top of the device list. Hence, I have to move sense devices to the end of the list anyway since I want cams, not sensors, @ the top of the list.

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How do you move the sensors numbers as I have no idea how to find the numbers and the only way I know these numbers exist is when I added my Wyze cam ti Tiny cam. Need help

Hit 3 … upper right of screen and SORT PRODUCTS. You can drag and drop in the order you prefer

I know this sorts the cameras in the order that they display when the app opens, but does this change the physical Channel Number used for the camera, and if this does it means Tny Cam gets lost as do IFTTT that also lost the options for the (that) Wyze options that also point to Cameras.

I don’t use TinyCam so I am not sure, but I have heard of others needing to reorder the devices to place the sensors at the bottom of the deice list to get TinyCam running again.

Hope this helps!

As a side affect to the sensors changing the cloud Channel number for the Camera in the original order they were added to your account, it also makes the IFTTT function lose the Camera in the options which selects the Camers used for the IFTTT T to work properly. As the original post found out by trail and error, the Cloud Channel Numbers are shifted when the sensors are added to your Wyze account. This confused IFTTT and Tinycam functions.

I will keep that in mind if I ever try IFTTT again.

Tired it a few years ago and I told it IFT, but never could get TT.

We parted on unfriendly terms (most of those terms were 4 letters long!)

Is there any way to make TinyCam work with Wyze’s two-factor authentication?


The channel number of a camera depends on the order of that camera in the device list. Also we have to move all Sense sensors to the back of the list for tinycam pro to work.

You stated “we have to move all Sense sensors to the back of the list for tinycam pro to work.” I will assume you work at WYZE with the word we, so if I return my sensors back in that it will not mess up Tinycam or IFTTT settings, or is a fix coming out. If you move them to the back of the list, are you saying if I have 4 cams then I add 1 sensor, the sensor should be Channel 5, but needs to be moved manually to the back as in a higher channel number. More detail please as I don’t want Tinycam and my IFTTT to stop working again.

The device list being the order they appear on the main page that opens in the app, the first one is assigned #1 etc, and if I move the order then all channel numbers also change following the rule 1st in the now rearranged list is now channel 1, then the 2nd is now channel 2. If this is correct, then the channel numbers follow the sequence in the device list. If so, this should be mentioned that it will destroy the correct settings for other apps that use these channel numbers such as Tinycam and IFTTT.

Need more info before adding the sensors. Help…

I don’t use IFTTT but I use tinycam pro a lot especially I use webserver to view 4 cameras @ a time on my PC screen… When I add a Sense sensor, the sensor will be put @ the top of the device list which cause tinycam pro not working. Then I use the “Sort Products” from the top right “three dots” menu to move all sensors behind cams.

The picture added may explain better. All 3 groups of cams have 17 V2 and 2 Pans.

The next tinyCam Monitor version 11.0.2 will report more useful information if Wyze Sense channel selected in the app instead of camera.


Wonderful that TinyCam has to help solve Wyze Cam problems. Would it not be smarter for Wyze to put Cameras and security devices like sensors, Motion detectors in different lists so they don’t mix.

Then do not allow the channel number given to Cameras or Sensors to change from the assigned number when added to the app. Then the visible list of all devices be virtual as they are cosmetic positions for user reasons to a personal sequence. Why change the numbers when it affects at least 2 apps that needs the static channel numbers to work properly. If you do have 17 + cameras, it is unreasonably dumb to monitor and change channel numbers because one is remover or repositioned in the virtual list in the app home page. Then if you use IFTTT or TinyCam, then you need to make corrections in those apps. This is totally dumb. Sorry to hurt feelings, but the app is still starting so what is they add more device types like switch and plugs. This is goings-on to be a mess and not user friendly.

Finally point to where this device listing is documented to be also the channel numbers as listed. Should users be informed of the problem. Just attempted to re add a sensor and I lost my Wyze Camers on tinyCam. Awaiting a logical solution as my sensors are problematic when used.

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Every time I add a new Wyze device, all the camera channel numbers get shifted down. Why not assign new devices to the end?

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I would guess that most people don’t use channel numbers or know why they are important. Most people are probably newer users and if you put the new product at the end they might freak out and not be able to find it. Anyone that knows the importance of channel numbers and how to use them would know to move the product once installed. Just a guess.