Sensors interfere w/TinyCam Pro

Since installing the Wyze motion detector and sensors, my TinyCam Pro can not connect to my Wyze cams. Anybody have a fix for this issue? Thanks

I don’t have my sensors yet so can’t say, but 2 things I could think of off-hand would be:

  1. do you have 2 factor authentication turned on? That made my cameras stop working with TC and I had to turn it back off.
  2. does having the sensors installed possibly push the cameras down the list, therefore changing the order, whereas you may need to change the channel numbers in TC to match. I don’t know if the sensors affect that, but I know that the channel numbers in TC correspond to the order of the cameras in the Wyze app so when that changes, you have to adjust channels.
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I believe it’s because the order of devices changed when adding sensors. Open the wyze app, count downward until you get to the cam in question. I.e. If it’s the 8th device in the list now, make sure you update tinycam with ID 8

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Thanks for the tips.

THANKS! I did what was suggested, and now it’s working again!

Worked for me, finally something simple

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tinyCam dev here. I do not have Wyze Sense at the moment. Can someone provide me a temporary access to your Wyze account with Wyze Cam + Sense installed to fix that issue?

The issue is an easy fix, just had to follow simple instructions provided above. I am not sure if anyone is gonna feel comfortable enough to provide you with their Wyze account info.

are you saying change the channel #? I’m using the cloud protocol .

Yes, in the tinycam app. I changed the channels. I had 4 cams; channels 1,2,3,4, when I installed motion and sensor, I changed 2 of the cams to channel 5 and 6. Hope that makes sense.

gotcha,thanks i got it now :wink:

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