TinyCam Pro

I didn’t know that moving the cameras in the app would reassign their channel numbers as used in TinyCam. But I guess my point is, why must this be done? Why can’t the app add a new product at the top, without re-assigning the channel numbers for cameras in TinyCam?

Because Tinycam isn’t a Wyze app. Wyze isn’t going to change things in their code just for another developers’ app.

I have two Wyze cams: one pan and one not. I have no other Wyze products. When I try to add theses cams to TinyCam Pro, it asks for 2FA. I do not have 2FA turned on in the Wyze app. I used channel 1 for the cam showing at the top of the Wyze home page, and channel 2 for the other. I tried deleting the app cache in the Wyze ap, to no avail. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks for any help.

Thank you!

Tasker isn’t a Google app yet they “changed things in their code” in the Goggle Assistant app’s latest update to support Tasker tasks. Actually it’s pretty common for hardware/software companies to develop code allowing integration with other apps, platforms, etc.

By the way, Wyze has already done this… (Google, Amazon, IFTTT) and more planned. As I type this they are developing code “for” other apps.

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Does TinyCam Pro App has to be opened in the Android mobile to let live WEB monitor view available?
I want to access to the monitor, but TinyCamPro is installed in my daughters mobile (I have iPhone) so I would like to know if she closes the app I can still access to web live view… THANKS !

pd: I have a Wyse v3 Cam.