TinyCam Pro channels changing?

I’ve got 7 WyzeCams and I can (normally) see them all in TinyCam Pro. (This morning, I’m not able to see any of my cameras in TinyCam because of a P2P error but that’s a different problem I’ll need to research).

My problem is that the channels are changing and the view is not the same as what I’ve named it in the Wyze Cam set up. One camera is for my “Driveway” (cam) and when I pull it up in TinyCam, it’s now the “Pool” (pan) camera. I read somewhere that we can’t set up static IP address on these cameras. I did try to make the camera’s current IP address static in my router’s settings but then the camera wasn’t visible in TinyCam so I reversed what I did. Also, when then channels change from a Pan set up to a fixed camera set up in TinyCam, does that affect the ability to use the pan controls? I can’t tell right now because none of my cameras are visible.

UPDATE: I can now see my cameras. TinyCam added the scan option to some of fixed cameras. Of course it doesn’t work, but it’s on the screen. It changed some of the Camera Models from Cam to Cam Pan on a few of the fixed cameras. It did NOT change the Pans into a fixed so their pan controls are still all available.

It sounds like a minor issue but I also have 9 Foscam’s that I view. When I’m trying to select the Wyze cameras I want to see, they’re not named correctly. I have to add them all, write the names down and then unselect the ones I don’t want to see. ALSO, I have to go into TinyCam’s Edit camera settings A LOT to refresh the camera status because there’s an error (P2P or some other issue) and I can’t tell which camera I’m refreshing. It sounds stupid to be this fussy but If I see someone pull into my driveway on one camera and I need to quickly switch to a different one, I can’t tell which one to pull up.

Did I miss a step setting these up in TinyCam? My Protocol is defaulting to “Cloud”.

Thanks for any help.

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I just now realized, whatever order you have the cameras setup in the wyze app, is the channel its listed for.

So lets say I setup wyze and tinycam the first time, and everything works
WYZE APP - First camera at top of list = CHANNEL 1 = Kitchen CAM = video of Kitchen
WYZE APP - Send camera below the 1st = CHANNEL 2 = Driveway CAM = video of Driveway

TINYCAM APP - CHANNEL 1 = Kitchen CAM = video of kitchen
TINYCAM APP - CHANNEL 2 = Driveway CAM = video of driveway

now if I sort the wyze cam app and switch order, it messes up tinycam app
WYZE APP - First camera at top of list = CHANNEL 1 = Driveway CAM = video of Driveway
WYZE APP - Send camera below the 1st = CHANNEL 2 = Kitchen CAM = video of Kitchen

TINYCAM APP - CHANNEL 1 = Kitchen CAM = video of driveway
TINYCAM APP - CHANNEL 2 = Driveway CAM = video of kitchen

But if i re-sort the order in the wyze cam app, it will fix the tinycam (after a restart of tinycam)

So if you ADD a camera in WYZE, it puts it at the top of the list (channel 1) and all your cams in tinycam will now be one off, if you sort that to the bottom of the WYZE app list, it should fix everything back.

Get it?

I didnt see a fix for this anywhere in tinycam forums nor wyzecam


I think you are on to something. Certainly my cameras are switching around, seemingly randomly, within the tiny cam app (pro by the way) all the time!

It seemed like you were saying the tinycam app is affected by the Wyzecam app but I don’t even have the Wyzecam app installed.

When I scan for cameras I see them listed by IP. After I go into setup and assign a channel it changes to a completely different camera. Now starts the merry-go-round. I keep trying to fix the name and channel but it randomly reassigns them. I was looking for a pattern but could find none. I just wish I could get a good explanation of what channels are and how they work.

I’ve always thought that Tinycam’s “channel number” is an index to a collection of cameras as ordered in the Wyze server. Which means the index/channel changes when the camera sequence changes.

Would have been better if Tinycam used the mac address as an indexing entity.

@qlang243, Quote: “Would have been better if Tinycam used the mac address as an indexing entity”.

I totally agree! :+1:

@scottschooley, Thank you so much for solving that mystery. It was quite frustrating wondering why that was happening. :+1: :smiley:

Update update. My “solution” below isn’t a solution. See other people’s comments for a fix.

UPDATE: I have both Foscam and Wyze cameras in TinyCam Pro. In order to keep track of the Wyze Cams because they kept switching around, I named them “w1 pool” and “w2 driveway”, etc. where the w=wyze and the 1 and 2=channel. I THINK that solved the problem of them switching around. Mine are all looking at what they’re supposed to be. Maybe try to put the channel number in the name? I won’t swear to it but it seems to be working for me.

If you move the camera in the Wyze app then it mess up the arrangement in tinyCam. Channel # is based on the location within the list of cameras in the Wyze app.

Wyze Cam Pool = tinyCam w1 pool (Channel 1)
Wyze Cam Driveway = tinyCam w2 driveway (Channel 2)

If you move the cameras in the Wyze app, tinyCam still sees the top camera as Channel 1.

Wyze Cam Driveway = tinyCam w1 pool (Channel 1)
Wyze Cam Pool = tinyCam w2 driveway (Channel 2)

If you make groups in the Wyze app the same applies.

Group 1
Cam 1 = Channel 1
Cam 2 = Channel 2

Group 2
Cam 1 = Channel 3
Cam 2 = Channel 4

Thanks for info.

It was a lot of trial and error. :slight_smile:

I recently got a pixelbook and added the tinycam pro app. I added one cam and used cloud protocol. It says if i have more than one cam i have to toggle the channel. Is there an easy way to change the channel other than in edit settings? The other protocol has RSTP etc for ip address, is that the way to go? I have 7 cams.

**** update. .never mind . I found what i was doing wrong. adding them now. someone posted this doc in another post. DOC

You would have to put RTSP firmware on your csmeras.
Changing the channel number in the settings is a lot easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can copy paste your first camera 7 times then just change the name and channel.


thanks for the replies. I ended up just keeping it as cloud protocol and using the doc someone posted where i saw i just needed the change the channel on each one.

Link to doc

I haven’t noticed the channels changing, but I have noticed the IP of the RTSP camera changing.
I noticed because the feed was dropped and I was trying different things like power cycling the camera and the router…it wasn’t until I noticed the IP had changed in TinyCam Pro, which I think is super weird.

Why would that change…that can only mean that someone had to manually change it. I am the only one that has access to TinyCam, so the only other person would be the App developer…there is no other answer… This just happened to me today, so now I am very, very worried that this guy might have access to our live feeds.

There is an issue with the Wyze Cams that results in differing MAC and IP addresses. During boot, Wyze uses a “virtual” MAC for the camera that is in a range for Wyze. Sometimes during the boot process this MAC doesn’t get assigned properly and the camera uses the actual MAC on the built-in WIFI. That’s when you may get different IPs.

This is especially frustrating since you have to use DHCP which means you can’t really assign a fixed IP to the camera. You can reserve an IP that the camera will get based upon its MAC but you can’t assign the IP to the camera, per se.

The IP was not changed in Wyze and the camera has the same IP as before. What I am saying is that the IP for that specific camera was changed in TinyCam under the credential settings.

Did the camera reboot at some point AFTER being configured in TinyCam? Are you sure that the IP changed in TinyCam and NOT showing a different IP in the Wyze app? It is extremely unlikely anyone changed your settings. The developer really has no interest in your cameras and every reason to NOT do anything such as you suggest. He sells the app, Why would he do something like this and risk losing his income stream?

Think I found the solution. Instead of changing the channel in TimyCam Pro change the Camera UID.
The Camera UID seems to be the name that is assigned in wyze. It has worked for me and hasn’t changed.

Where do you find the camera UID? Is that a field in TinyCam?