OutDoor Cam works with Tiny Cam

I was happy to get my new Outdoor cam to work with Tiny Cam pro on my phone and Fire TV. I am able to monitor all my Wyze cams using Tiny cam pro, an old phone and a Chromecast hooked up to a monitor and have it sequence through all my camera’s


Tinycam also has a much more sophisticated detection zone setting.
You can set multiple detection areas on one camera thereby eliminating many false alarms. Supports multiple brands at the same time.
And, the Wyze App killer for me is: Tinycam works on all Android platforms, including Chromebook and Android TV… Note to Wyze users: If want to view your Wyze cams on your Chromebook or TV, get Tinycam.
I really wish Wyse would collaborate with the Tinycam developer.

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sorry for being naive here, but are you talking about loading up the rtsp fw or custom fw or stock??

No, rstp not required. Just add Wyze cams to the TinyCam app. It supports all Wyze Cams including the new WOC.

What channel do you use for the outdoor cam? I get the following message when I try to display in Tiny Cam: P2P failed to connect by UID…

I previously posted instructions on how to do this. I’ll post the link below. If this doesn’t help, ask again and I will try to help you.

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Thanks, Your link is not working for me.

This is a re-post
Your most likely problem is assigning the correct camera “Channel” number.
Press + to add a camera. Select Manage Cameras > +
Add IP camera, Camera Brand=Wyze Labs, Camera Model=Wyze
Log in, Check Camera Status.
This will fail if you selected the default Channel number for your WOC, but it will give you a list of the numbers assigned to your Wyse cams. Edit the camera and use the correct Channel Number.You WOC name will be shown as the name you assigned it in your Wyze app. In the example shown, my WOC name is Battery Cam. assigned channel number 2.


Thanks. I figured it out. Just needed to update TinyCam app.

How’s your Outdoor Cam’s battery life while using TinyCam to monitor? I would think having a constant cycling feed pulling from it could deplete the battery fairly quick.

I have numerous Wyze bulbs and a couple plugs as well as my cams. They all take channels above the cams. Anytime I add a device, have to re-order the channels on the cams. A small inconvenience for a great app.


I am hoping I missed something, but when I try to add my WCO to TinyCam Pro Cloud, I get an error message that says, "Got a negative session ID[-10] (code=40008).

I have it set to Channel 2, and it’s automatically listed as an Available Camera, so there isn’t anything I would need to do to add, except select it, right?

What did I miss?

And a side question: Why did the cam obtain an IP address from the main router instead of my router which is where the base is connected by ethernet? The base received an IP from my router - 192.168.1.XXX.

I share my internet with my neighbour, so the cam received an IP from his network - 192.168.2.XXX, instead of an IP from my network -192.168.1.XXX

UPDATE: When I change the channel to 3, I now get an error message saying “Wyze camera login is not successful (code=6002)”. But I don’t know the login credentials for the cam. The quick setup guide doesn’t provide it. Are there default credentials?

Hi my friend, looks like you got it !. Hope you can give me a hand, I have weeks trying to get working my Wyze Cam V3 and Tiny Cam Pro. I am using a dedicated Android mobile phone as a “little server” for Tiny Cam Pro, but constantly crashes. Seems it crashes when I access to it from Sharptools platform using the API access: http://192.168.XX.XXX:8083/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=1. Some times stays working a couple of hours, sometimes just 2-3 minutes. I tested a couple of days and Tiny Cam Pro stays at most part of the time (a couple of times the app closed by itself)… But when I tried to access the web server the unstable begun. Any idea or tip about it ?.. THANKS !