Outdoor Camera and TinyCamPro

Is there anyway firmware you can use to put RTSP on the new outdoor camera so that tiny cam pro will work?

I dont believe you need RTSP for TinyCamPro to work

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Well then how do you can get tinycam to see the camera? It logs into my wyze cam v2 just fine and into the wyze ptz. Tried changing channels around but that doesnt help. I get a P2P Failed to connect by UID error


TinyCam might or might not ever support WCO via Wyze credentials (don’t know), but I doubt RTSP will ever work for WCO, for technical reasons. (RTSP must be running and the WCO is sleeping.)

What are you talking about? I just posted the link above showing that TinyCam now supports the WCO

Ken your solution worked thank you very much.

Sorry I was responding to the original poster and had not read your link. Thus “don’t know”. And the poster had specifically asked about RTSP which you did not address.