How to setup ip cam viewer pro or tinycam with wyze? (problems with OG)

I really am stuck on this, any help would be so great !

Found the way for Tinycam, but not yet on ipcam viewer pro .

I followed the instructions here: Wyze Cams Viewed On TinyCamPro on Google ChromeCast (New Version w/ Remote) on a TV

But the settings have changed a bit…
Follow the guidelines but:
Use as protocol cloud, and enable use https encrypted connection.

Managed a lot with the crashes (solution use hardware encoding in video settings) but the OG version does not work.

/edit: added the solution for crashes and the OG telecam that doesn’t been supported.

I don’t think ipcam viewer will work. It relies on RTSP to connect to Wyze cameras or at least it did when I was testing it. Search the forum for TinyCam. There are multiple posts for how to make it work.

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I did ( mentioned it in the post ) but it keeps crashing… ( tinycam )

Did you try searching the forum?

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Yes, also mentioned that in start post.

Fixed Tinycam by using hardware decoder in videosettings, but for some reason the OG cam doesn’t work.
Anyone with the same problems ?

The OG Cams are currently not compatible with TC. The developer of TC, @alexey.vasilyev, did post in January on Reddit that he was going to update the app to support them but I haven’t seen that update yet.

It is because the OG Cams UID is prefixed w\ GW_GC1_

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That solved my question, and a lot of work like, what the heck do i do wrong :thinking:

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Where do you get Proprietary (h264)? I have the v3 pro and it does not allow firmware updates via sd card so no rtsp.

I have no idea how to get H264/RTSP on the V3 Pro. None of the options I’ve seen support that, unless TinyCam Pro has been updated. As far as I can tell this is still in the “soon” category for TinyCam.

It’s not on the v3 pro. It’s on the tinycam app via tcp or udp. The h264 is in the recording options.

The ipview pro doesn’t work at all, the OG doesn’t work with tinycam (pro) the maker should make an update but since January 2023 it is only on soon, sadly enough yes, thanks for your answer.

The Tinycam is changed, you can add cloud access with your account, but it doesn’t work for the OG or OG telelense sadly enough, if Tinycam keeps crashing you need to enable hardware encoding. Thanks for replying.

That sucks that tinycam hasn’t been updated to work with the OG. The dev’s condition of hire must have included a clause that he can’t update the app with anything involving wyze products.

I highly doubt this the case since there have been multiple new release cams since that time that have been updated into Tiny Cam… like the V3Pro and the PanV3.

I speculate that it is a temporary incompatibility of the base code OS used when building the firmware for the cam or a difference in how the cam UID is being seen by Tiny Cam when authenticating the P2P stream. I’m not sure about the base OS for the Floodlight Pro, which is also incompatible, but the OG cams were built using a different base OS than all the cams prior.

It’s August 2023 and I was ignorant enough to buy and assume Tinycam worked with OG.

Should I just get a refund while I can or is it worth waiting since it’s only $4?

Worth it to me since Tiny Cam’s last update supports the OG cams and the new Floodlight Pro.

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When l choose camera type the only thing in the app is Cam Pan and Wyze Cam. I’ll recheck what I did in setup. I just bought it last night so it’s the latest version. Maybe I did something wrong as a fresh user.

Never mind I reread this thread and hadn’t opened cameras UID and there was a choice there which worked.:person_shrugging: I didn’t choose any UID on Cam Pan though.:thinking: Guess it’s time to click help and start reading.

The OG is a Wyze Cam. It doesn’t have Pan controls.

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I think I’m a little further, I blew out some Fire from my refurbished Amazon HD10 and added Play Store, loaded Tinycam there, setup the cameras on there for a dedicated cam tablet and server. I’ll keep going and learning, the hard way. Thanks for the tips.

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