TinyCam Pro and new Wyze Cam OG

By changing the UID in the new Wyze Cam OG by adding GW-GC!-then the actual UID number Tinycam Pro responds doesn’t support the Camera and refuses to load. My assumption is the telephoto version of Cam_OG will run into the same issue. If there was somewhere to just edit or load the UID without the pre GW-GC1 for both models we would access or TinyCam pro Recodes for the new models.
I confirmed in developer logs “invalid payload length

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TinyCam Pro cofounder Alexey Vasilyev said yesterday 1/19/22 at 12:21pm MT that support for the OG cams will be implemented soon.

As a side note, Wyze actually hired him as an employee, but this app isn’t officially “Wyze Sanctioned.”

As another side note, did you know that you can actually side-load Tiny Cam Pro onto Android auto and watch or listen to your cameras on Android Auto? Pretty cool! Though you should not watch them while driving…but your passenger can, or you can listen to your baby cam, or whatever some contractors are doing while you are driving home or away somewhere.
(sideloading is required because technically video streams violate the Terms of Android auto because they don’t want to be sued for causing accidents).

I wonder if we can side-load the Wyze app onto Android Auto and use it. If anyone ever tries it, let me know.

Again, keep checking back, Alexey says OG support will be implemented into Tiny Cam soon. Maybe sign up for Beta so you can get it sooner.


Great to know Alexey is part of the Wyze team👍. I have been using TCP in my android tv box to get landscape view of 4 cams since the Wyze app is in portrait mode rotated 90 degrees.


Cam -OG Will not work with Tinycam pro

The Cam-OG why don’t it work with the Tinycam Pro like the other WYZE Cameras do?

I moved your above request here for discussion. Tinycam is a 3rd party integration and is not a Wyze product. Tinycam itself needs to update their software to allow the OGs. See the link from above that states from the developer that the app will be updated soon.