TinyCam with Wyze Cam multiple locations

Trying to use Tinycam to view my cameras. I have cameras in two locations on two different networks. When I try to add a camera for the second network - I get a message that says

P2P failed to start session (AV_ER_IOTC_CHANNEL_IN_USED)

Not sure how to determine or change channel. Any help will be appreciated.

Pure speculation on my part as don’t have multiple locations: firewall is preventing access to second site. Unless you have port forwarding enabled (which most router do not do by default) there is no path between TinyCam and the cameras at the second location.

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Each Wyze camera in TinyCam presents on a different channel (normally, even on a local network). However, assuming you are using the Wyze cloud protocol and cloud credentials, the physical locations of the cameras should not matter. But I too have not used it this way… Perhaps you could post screenshots of your camera configuration.

Many thanks for tge quick response. I went into the Tinycam app and manually assigned sequence numbers to the cameras. Seems to be working fine.

Thanks agai.

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