Issue with TinyCam pro

Running this excellent app on my Fire HD8 and Fire HD10. Lots of cameras are dropping out and coming back online.

Is this something with my Wyze configuration or my TinyCam Pro configuration?

Am I asking too much to view 9 video streams on 2 tablets all at once? My internet speed is 400 meg so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Here are some screenshots a few seconds apart.

Each camera is on its own channel which matches the list of cameras TinyPro has.

I have not used TinyCam Pro in a long time, but my guess is if the cameras that are not working in TinyCam Pro are working in the app then it has to do with TinyCam Pro since it just logs into your account.

Dropouts are common for me, both in TinyCam Pro and Wyze app. At least you’re not getting errors on screen as I do. For TinyCam, usually clicking through a particular blank camera, clicking its Play triangle, and then backing out will reset the connections of all the cameras and I’ll get steady feeds for a while.

I think it’s just a combination of signal strength and processing power. My HD8 screen is dying and I will probably replace it with a Lenovo unless someone has a better suggestion.


I just bought and received a used HD10 from bigdeals on eBay for $68.99 with free shipping.

The tablet looks like it was lightly used. Highly recommend this seller.

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I stopped TinyCam Pro on the Fire HD8 and now the HD10 is displaying correctly. Further monitoring snd experimentation forthcoming.

Are you watching the streams over the internet? Or on your local wifi? Does tiny cam log into the camera stream, then switch to local if on the same wifi like the Wyze app? What type of wifi hardware are you using? If everything is still local, the internet speed/bandwidth wouldn’t matter but the wifi network capability would. When you dropped the second tab stream and went to one, and that helped it display correctly, I guess I’d focus on the wifi network first.

It shouldn’t / can’t matter as there is nowhere on the Internet for the streams to go. Just as with the Wyze app, the TinyCam stream is always point to point from camera to viewer. But yes, if the local WiFi is crowded…

Watching them over WiFi. Seems to be better when only one instance of TinyCam Pro is running. Will look at WiFi network. Running a Tenda AC23 router.

I will be the first to admit my knowledge of WiFi is limited. Realized I had a Tenda A9 wireless range extender in a drawer. Did the WPS pairing, and the LED on the range extender is green.

All my Wyze cameras and Fire tabs are on 2G. Our iPhones and iPads are on 5G

The repeater is 2G

I really hosed it now. Set everything to 2G, turned off 5G on the router, rebooted everything and now NO cameras are showing. It is late. I am retired. Fix tomorrow.

You like that router?


So far the Tenda router has been fine.

It is difficult to discern your tone. Is this not a good router?

@TomG. Sorry, didn’t intent to leave any doubt to my sincerity in my question. I am router shopping (all the time). Really did want to know your success, and didn’t mean to cast bad vibes on yours. Thanks.


No worries. My boss’s (well, I just retired 2 weeks ago) brother is in IT. He recommended the Tenda router when I was having issues that ended up being caused by the cheap free router and cable modem Charter Spectrum supplied for free.

I got the AC23 because my Hubitat Elevation network hub needs a fixed IP.

Not sure what you mean… this is the camera status page for the Wyze Doorbell camera. It is on channel 3

The developer isn’t replying to my posts or emails. I sincerely appreciate and help, even though this is not a Wyze issue.

Something I noticed is if I have one camera on live view, the camera will disappear and come back quite a lot, but if I go into the camera status page, scroll down to view the live feed, the camera disappears less often. I see the data rate drop to 0 at times.

This tells me the feed from Wyze is getting to TCP, but something in TCP isn’t right.

Edit. I switched cameras and am viewing a different one. The video stream has been fine. The issue might be with the doorbell camera.

Edit again…

tinyCam Pro dev is not replying. Ran out of things to try. Trying out IP Cam Viewer which is both iOS and Android. This app requires flashing the Wyze cameras? Very hesitant to do that. Anyone using IP Cam Viewer?

I used it for quite awhile but stopped since it doesn’t support the Wyze cams directly. Needs RTSP which seems, in my opinion, to be a little unreliable and creates difficulties if you want to use it along side CamPlus.

If I had to guess I’d say you are overpowering your Fire tablet asking it to keep all 8 streams stable. I don’t do more than 4 at a time and it still cuts out frequently.

You could try limiting it to 4 and/or trying a more powerful Android device.

Thought I had it fixed. Got the IP and MAC address for one camera from the Wyze app. Entered that into my router’s DHCP reservation list. That cam did not drop out, so after about 30 minutes I reserved another cam’s IP and MAC address. Great! Now I have two feeds that don’t drop out. Waited another 30 minutes and added a third IP and MAC address. So far so good{ Three feeds not dropping out! My limited knowledge of this stuff seems to be helping. On a whim, before I went to bed, I entered a fourth IP and MAC in the DHCP list. Waited about 20 minutes and all 4 cams did not drop out. Woot!

Woke up this morning to only two live feeds. Then one then none then bam all 4 are back, dropping in and out just like before. Drat!

My father’s headstone has a saying I grew up with. “Never give up” so that is why I continue.

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See if your router has any fancy prioritization (not a word) routing or QoS features and turn them off.

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I searched the Tenda .pdf for this router and there is no mention of Quality of Service. Nothing else like that in the config. Good idea that I didn’t consider.

Got the Tenda app for my iPad. There is a selection in the tools menu to “accelerate WiFi”. Figured what the heck. Ran the utility and it said my WiFi was 50% optimized. Something was changed that fixed (hopefully) the issue of the feeds popping un and out. Time will tell…

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Hmm, that’s curious. I wonder what it actually changed. Good luck this time. :slight_smile: