Tinycam random dropouts

New Tinycam install. Fire HD10 2019 model. Fire toolboxed. 5 cameras, 2 Pan V3s, 3 OGs.

They do not drop out in the app on my phone.

Random drops to gray box and comes back on it own in Tinycam on HD10.

Is it a setting, my hardware, Tinycam, me? Any ideas?

The Wyze app is on the HD10 also and does not drop out there either.

Wifi is Netgear RBK53, router and 2 satellites. Lots of WiFi.


My suggestion? Go to the TinyCam Subreddit and ask there. The Cofounder frequently responds to people there. He’d definitely have a better idea of things to suggest.

At least, that is what I’d do in your shoes.

Having said that, I’d also look for an option to try toggling between hardware decoding or software decoding. Sometimes that makes a big difference in these situations.

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In your Settings, Video Settings, select Hardware+ as your Decoder and see if that helps.

Also, the more cams you stream simultaniously the greater chance of drops. Mine start dropping when I go anywhere above 15.

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I might be missing something but you state the Wyze app on the HD10 is fine but not tinycam so its obvious that the HD10 and also its wifi is fine, the router is fine, the cam is fine. That leaves tinycam as the only thing left.

Its unknown without logs or other things to go on if something else could be possible.

Personally, haven’t seen any difference from adjusting similar settings of decoder there on video issues. But, I’m sure someone must somewhere. It might help but I think that’s too unlikely.

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I did join that sub but thought I’d ask users first. Thanks!

Thanks it is Tinycam or too many cameras at once. 5 drops. Two seems steady so far. Pages in twos and one.

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I tried those settings but 5 cams still drop. Two pages of two and one final seems steady, so far.

The RAM is limited to 1.5gb on the 2019 HD10, but a refurbished was cheap. I only bought it to mess with and had 5 Google bucks to spend, so Tinycam. It may be hardware and RAM limitations.

I’ll load it on my Samsung tablet that has 8 or 12 gig RAM and see if it does the same thing or not.


Oh yeah. That’s some limited RAM today. That’s a good catch.

I just see that’s a Fire tablet too. Those things are really bad. Can’t do much of anything really. Yet, I keep buying them lol.

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Yes, I bought a bunch of small ones for the grandkids and greats, they’ve used them to play games but have moved on to cell phones.

I still have the original 1st release Fire Tablet I bought for my granddaughter whose 20 now and in college. Still works. Lol

Speaking of old, I have a Radio Shack Tandy 1000 I bought ages ago. 3.5 floppy only. I put a *20mb" lol, hard drive card in a slot and a 5.25 floppy.

Still works. Lol DOS and screatchy modems era. My batch files are still on it to fire up simple games for the kids. The great greats still play with it.

I picked up the HD10 for $58 like new, refurb just to experiment with. I think even their new Max only has 4gb of RAM.

I Fire Toolboxed it twice already. I’ll just load Tinycam on my Samsung and use that as I said and see if performance doesn’t improve.

I still have a couple dozen of these I use as coasters! Who knows what dark secrets are still on them! All I have left of those 80’s days… Or was it 90’s? Such cloudy memory now.

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:joy: For sure.

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We’ll, drops on Samsung with RAM. Though not quite as often. So I guess I’ll wait for a magical Tinycam or Wyze firmware update.
Not urgent or anything.

Who here didn’t own one of these?

I use a Firestick and a cheapo AliExpress 10” monitor for tinycam pro. Only one camera is viewed so there isn’t much load.


I didn’t. What is it? Lol

Yes, in reducing number of cameras things get better. I’m still messing with anyhow.

Nope. But I did use the little stickers to cover the notches.

P.S. … It’s a 5¼ disk notcher to convert it to a double sided writable disk. A sticker over the notch then Write Protected the disk.