dropping frames and working on the tinycam app?

does this camera drop frames like most other ones when you pan it? i have wanscams foscams yousee cams and some i can’t even remember the names to and it seems they all drop frames and i lose the signal when i pan them. makes no difference if the camera is setting next to me or not. and on the phone of the pc. theys till drop out when i move them. and sometimes they just reset themselves.

i see tinycam have a wizecam in it’s selection does anyone know how well tinycam works with this camera? i would like to find one that holds on when moving and does not drop off the system. thanks bp.

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I am also having the same issue.
I have 10 wyze cams, when I had about 5, I never had this issue of dropped frames. But now that I have 10, it’s constantly dropping. What gives?

when i had 5 ip cams on my wifi network that was causing bandwidth issues. so for me i just put them all on cat5 cable and an nvr recorder that made it way better. i then added some oniver cameras and those were terrible for even keeping them going . so i changed them all over to dvr bnc cable and now i can see every camera perfect. i have most of the oniver cameras now gone they were the worse cameras for me. the only oniver cameras i have now running good are the foscam units. i had o wize camera and that was so bad on my system i had to send it back to the company. hope this helps