TinyCam Pro not wkg with Wyze Cam Pan

I have three Wyze cams - two V3 and a Pan Cam running the latest firmware. All work ok on the Wyze app but I have TinyCam Pro v15.0.8 on an Android tablet and it stopped working about three weeks ago. The V3 cams work but sometimes disconnect and reconnect or freeze.

This all worked perfectly six months ago when I installed the system. Has Wyze (or TinyCam) changed something? Are others seeing this behavior and is there a fix?



Fellow frustrated TCP user here. I have spent way too many hours of my new retirement messing with TCP, changing router settings, adding an extender (not a repeater), changing router and extender placement, assigning static IPs to every Wyze cam plus I even put my tongue in the left corner of my mouth and lifted my right leg all to correct the same issues you are experiencing. So far, router placement seems to be the fix. That doesn’t explain why, in your situation where nothing has changed, that you would be experiencing issues.
Some suggestions you may or may have not tried :

Have you rebooted your router?

View the feed on the tablet and see if the fps and bitrate drop to zero for more than a few seconds, If TCP doesn’t receive a signal for more than a few seconds, that feed will time out. Sometimes it will come back. All depends if the planets are lined up.

Monitor the feed from the cams using the Wyze app on your smartphone and simultaneously view them on your tablet to see if the feed drops on both the Wyze app and TCP. Chances are the feed from the Wyze app will not drop out.

I think if TinyCam were just a little more aggressive in reestablishing stalled connections a lot of us would be satisfied.

Also I wonder whether the new WebRTC firmware is a factor. (My firmware is old.)

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I agree… Alex needs to make a setting if the feed is dropped more than x seconds, reattempt connection. After x amount of attempts, THEN the feed disappears.

Since I moved the router upstairs, no dropouts. Only have 4 feeds on 2 tablets so dropouts might come back if I add more.