Wyze Cam + Tiny Cam Pro drops off continuously (P2P failed to start session)

Any have solved issue with its Wyze Cam ?..I have a V3 and Tiny Cam Pro, works perfectly but after some randomly hours (2-48) it fails… I had just go back to the menu and re enter to cam view and all is back again, but after some randomly hours connection drops again.
Any tip or guidance? Thanks in advance

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Would love an answer to that. Same issue. Will play for hours or minutes.


Hi my friend, I had solve the issue, I hope this could help.

1- I found that in my case the quality of camera and Android mobile miniserver connection is critical, Problems started when I moved just 1 meter the Wifi hub taking back side of the TV shelf.

2.- I detected that in Wyze Cam stream, kbs indicator went to 0 each 5-10 seconds, and after that Tiny cam Pro loses its streaming or freeze its image, when 0 kbs take more than 5 seconds then Tiny Cam loses its connection.

3.- I took back the WiFi to the old place to get a strongest signal to the cam, and that solved the issue.

Conclusion: wyze Cam could working okey with some connection lattency but this lattency affects Tiny Cam connection.
Need not just high speed connection but also a strenght and good quality attachment to both Wyze Camera and Android movil server.

Hope this help my friend.

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I got this message :P2P fail to start session AV ER IOTC Channel IN USED. I had to clear all settings and cash on the app TinyCam. Then input all of the settings all over again to get it to work.

Sounds like too work for each camera. Why not make Tinycam just work with Wyze even though slow periods and drop outs.

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  • tinyCam > Manage Cameras > Import/Export > Export Cams to Local Storage
  • Uninstall app (or clear App Data in Android settings)
  • Reinstall app (not needed if only App Data cleared)
  • tinyCam > Manage Cameras > Import/Export > Import Cams from Local Storage

Preserves setup and settings of all installed cams.

Does not preserve other tinyCam program settings.


Just posted this, may be of use to someone…

Here’s a TCP question…

Before the doorbell FW update, I was able to see my VDBv1 stream on my doorbell tile in the Cams screen in the correct orientation and when opening it to the full screen, same correct orientation.

Now, after the update, one or the other is rotated. With no rotation settings, the tile is rotated and the full view is correct. With rotation settings on, the tile is correct but the cam full screen feed shows correct orientation for a couple seconds the flips to rotated.

What gives?

Anyone have experience in dealing with this? I know @Customer is a proponent of TCP. Any insight?

I am new to TCP and still fiddling with functions, so any tips and tricks would be appreciated.

BTW, is constant loss of feed blinking off for a couple seconds and back on normal?

Failing to start coulc be caused by many things.

But here are a few things you could try…

Clear cache from tinycam app .

Turn on hardware decoder under video settings (it’s off by default)

Turn on Watchdog in the tinycam app

Use a phone other than your primary phone to act as the server if you’re recording locally.

Uncheck tasker support if you dont use it.

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For me it’s not constant although it used to occur roughly every minute or two. I think it helped to fiddle with the resolution settings. They’re not exactly predictable and the ones for my 4-up view were not where I expected them to be. Unfortunately I won’t be at my TinyCamPro console again until the weekend (and my remote control seems to be down). Looking for the right menu I just re-confirmed the online TinyCam manual is still incomplete and certainly does not do the product justice.

Edit: It must have been "stream profile* set to lower res - @peepeep posted a timely screenshot at

I’m also not going to be much help on the rotation issue, sorry. I wonder if you can get Alexey to correct for it via an advanced menu option. I used one of those when my tablet’s camera was showing up as a color negative, and it totally solved the problem.

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Where did find these setting in tinycam free? If found maybe they can be adjusted.

Hi TechSis

Which specific setting do you mean? There’s several and they’re interrelated, I think. :slight_smile:

Night mode, day mode, main and sub streams.

Thanks for the nudge, I wasn’t aware this one was available… :slight_smile:






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I would like a clear cut answer to this as well. Constant and I also get the error p2p closed by remote? So it is not working between the two.

The wyze cams are becoming usrless if we cannot view them especially live.

Wonder why wyze does not have the native app for Amazon Fire and sticks? Does not have it for Andoid TV either which would allow for Tivo 4k streamer. It seems silly they over looked this? The cheaper options i stream and no native app.

Did you find a resolution? Having same problem.

It’s a forever problem with no solution. :pensive:

I’m still using Tinycam only because I’m too busy to look for something that work consistently with Wyze cams.

Though I haven’t tried to install the Wyze app on a Fire tablet yet🤔

I followed the following and installed Wyze app via google playstore in my many fire tablets to stream 4 cams in lamdscape mode.

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