Wyze Cam + Tiny Cam Pro drops off continuously (P2P failed to start session)

Will give it a try.

Thank you :pray:t4:

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Same here. I figure I have $400 into subscriptions and devices never consistently working. Wyze help has left me high and dry every time.
IMO I should have purchased a top of the line system like Arlo. Headache free and probably spent less. The time I have into troubleshooting is enormous. Time is money and Wyze really got me. Once new system is in place I plan a You Tube destruction video for every thing Wyze and every creative way each item will be destroyed

Has anyone had any problem connecting wyze v3 cameras on Tinycam Pro on a TV after the latest firmware update
Mine shows p2p failed to connect. Tried to reinstall the program, reseting my TV and still doesn’t work.
Before the firmware update they were working perfectly.
Any advices/Tips.