Code update to broke viewing in Tinycam

After I updated the code on my wyze camera I can no longer view the stream in tiny Cam. Is anyone else having this issue? I am running the Beta code.


@Speedology … I am experiencing something similar… All my Wyze Cam V2s are no longer able to be viewed in TInyCam Pro after installing… …

Tonight,… I saw that was available and installed that on the V2s… still no joy… I rebooted the V2 cameras… still no joy… Just get the error message P2P failed to connect by UID…" I selected the proper camera UID in Tiny Cam Pro but that did not help… Can view these V2 cameras directly in the Wyze app… but no joy with Tiny Cam Pro…

The V3 are working fine… they can be seen in Tiny Cam Pro.

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@alexey.vasilyev Is from TinyCam, maybe they can find the reason why this is occurring.

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Manually rolling back the code resolves the issue. Fixed all the ones I tried on. Steps are below.


I can confirm the issue, happening for me as well.

I 'm definitely thinking of rolling back…

All my V2’s are also broken in TinyCam. I have them mounted in places where rolling them back would be quite a pain. :pray: for a F/W fix soon.

Yup, me too - all V2 and Pan cams are throwing that UID error in tinyCam. My outdoor cam is still working, along with the V3’s. I am glad to see it’s a Wyze firmware thing though, I was driving myself crazy trying to fix it…

There must be a tinycam disclaimer somewhere. It’s using a reversed-engineered Wyze API. Wyze can break tinycam any time by simply changing something in the way they access their cameras. And apparently they did.

This is not a Wyze bug. It’s up to tinycam’s publisher to update their API, in short, reverse-engineer the new Wyze API. Or flash to the older Wyze firmware.

Edit - I expect kroo and the other reversed-engineered APIs to break, also.

I just confirmed the beta release of Tinycam solves the issue

where does one d/l the beta?

If running Android, Seach for Tinycam pro in the Play Store and look for the beta tester option. Once selected you can download the beta release after a few minutes

I DLd the beta and am having the same issue. I removed all of the cams, deleted app data, and started over. I’m wondering if there isn’t a new setting I’m not aware of?

Damn same here, I just updated my motion cam and it stopped working. I’ll revert the firmware for now.

OK, one thing I did not mention is that I’m using Tinycam Pro on Bluestacks 5x (which was working fine before the firmware update) because the Wyze app will not show all four of my cams at once. I downloaded Tinycam Pro Beta on my Android phone and everything works great. The issue is now that, after the latest firmware update and downloading the Tinycam Pro app in Bluestacks 5.x, I’m unable to receive the cameras to work, I receive a P2P native code error.

I was finally able to install TC Pro on a 64 bit nougat Bluestacks 5x instance and it works. Problem solved for now!

Looks like an update went out for Tiny Cam Pro (free edition) last night or this morning. It wasn’t working for me yesterday, but when I checked it this morning everything was showing up. The version you want is 15.1.3.

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I did this update and it fixed everything, I couldn’t view any of teh cams for the aforementioned reasons

Finally got everything to re-work. I too was having problems after the wyze update. Just updated tinycam Free, and all cams are working. 2 x V3 cams, 4 x V2 cams. Just update your tinycam version, should be fine!

Am also able to confirm that with the latest update to TInycam that all live streams are operational!

Thanks @alexey.vasilyev !!