Live Stream Failure on Tiny Cam after Upgrade

Wyze Cam V2 live stream failure on Tiny Cam Pro since yesterday after upgrade to firmware .
Wyze Cam V3 live stream is fine with firmware
Wyze Cam PAN live stream failure on Tiny Cam Pro since yesterday after upgrade to firmware
The V2 and V3 and PAN Cams can be streamed live on Wyze Cam App .
When will the problem be fixed ?

Please don’t use Beta software if you have any critical needs, especially on 3rd party software. Beta software is for reporting issues in detail and supplying logs on Wyze apps, thanks.


To add to @Newshound s comments, since this is a third party integration, maybe involvement is needed on their side to update their software since it looks like everything is working in Wyzes side still.

Edit, also talking about it here:


I agree with @Newshound and @Omgitstony

However, I have Tiny Cam (Free version) with 1 V3 Camera in it. I moved things around in my Wyze App and Tiny Cam works based on Location (Channel) of the device. So if you reorganized your devices in the Wyze app, you will need to adjust the channel. Once I picked the channel for the camera I was playing with, it streamed fine.

I am using the Beta Version of the app and Firmware on all devices. and have Tiny Cam only because I had a need a while back. Now I keep to test things when I see posts on the forum.


Greetings… Is there any way I can get back to the “regular” Wyze App and will the firmware change to the non beta version ?

Here is my experience when rolling back.

  1. Opt out of the Beta environment.
  2. Remove the old app and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes ( just to be sure the removal of the beta has taken affect)
  3. then go to the store and install the app again, it will be the latest prod version

However, the FW will stay at the Beta FW. you will have to roll it back manually I believe. The V2 Beta FW requires the latest App 2.22x for it to function. so at a minimum, you would need to roll those back.

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