New Firmware took out my TinyCam TV viewer

I had everything setup with TinyCam Pro to view all my cameras since Wyze does not have that feature. A very important feature by the way. I went and bought a special Smart TV to make sure everything works.
I don’t know what to do now. Any ideas on how to go around this new terrible upgrade?

Try the tinycam beta app or report issue to tinycam… ultimately, it’s a issue with tinycam not Wyze

Everything was working before Wyze decide to upgrade the cams.

So you’re saying Wyze should never update their firmware so the 3rd party app you’re using is never affected…ok…that makes no sense. Like I said, go complain to tinycam, they’re the ones that have to update & keep up with Wyze

I believe there’s an update to tinycam that fixes this. You need to update.

@iggy -
How did “Wyze” update the cams? Or do you have them set on “auto update”? Or did you update them?
With multiple cams it’s better to ease into updates.

Thank you

Just wanted to say thanks to you all for saving me again! I updated one of my cams and was really annoyed to see the effect in TC when it lost the connection to that cam. Updated the TC app and all is well. Now I updated the rest of the cams and they work!

I had the same problem except with BlueStacks. Was working fine on my computer and 65in smart tv until 2.22 update. Was told by support just now that Wyze does not support BlueStarcks!

you had to waste supports time to find this out? Wyze doesn’t supports anything except for it’s own app, seems like this should be common sense.

And even on their own app support may be hit or miss. :frowning:
Just wait until the next update, or the one after that etc. Or until they decide your device is to old to be supported.

haha, true…especially on the beta app

Does anyone know if the pan/tilt functions for the PanCam are supposed to work with TinyCam? I have setup my cameras and can view them but the function to move the PanCam doesn’t work.