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Has anyone found another TinyCam alternative that will work with Wyze cams? TinyCam keeps shutting down and it continuously gives me “P2P failed to start session” and other errors. Thanks in advance.

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There is no alternative unless you install RTSP firmware on the cameras.
Contact Alexy at tinyCam. He is very helpful.


Any idea @alexey.vasilyev?

I’d check you setups and network first. TinyCam has been good for me, somewhat better than the Wyze app - both frequently lose connections. I’m using a simple Fire tablet.

While he’s published his technique, I haven’t heard of another program that can access Wyze with Wyze credentials. As noted, going RTSP opens up your options.

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I have problems if I try to view 4-5 cameras at a time but one camera runs all day with no problems.


I have been using TinyCam pro for a while to monitor my cameras 24/7. They work fine, but I have noticed the cameras freeze every 58 seconds exactly, for 4 seconds… then it continues…then 58 seconds later, it freezes again.

This happens whether I use Bluestacks or any other Emu or whether I use firesticks. I can’t tell why it does that, but I am pretty sure the issue is TinyCam… it’s weird how it does that every 58 seconds.

Has anyone noticed this?.. if you live view your cams using TinyCam… stay looking at the counter (seconds) for a full minute and see if yours freezes at any given time within that minute.

yeah I don’t know about that… he rarely responds to any messages or emails…even if you bought the pro version…very difficult to get a response from Alexey… at least that has been my experience. I have actually bought the Pro version twice with different accounts…emailed him using both accounts… still yet to hear from him.

I do have the TinyCam Pro and it’s working crappy :unamused:

I have also noticed that if you use them with Firesticks gen 1 or gen 2… they work crappy… the processor is not fast enough to handle the feed…but if you use Gen 3s or even the lite versions from 2020… they have 1.7 GHz quad CPU and they work pretty good. Amazon has the lite versions on sale now for $21.99… I replaced my Gen 2 with those and it made a world of difference… the Gen 2s couldn’t keep up at all with the live view.

But, it still has the issue I mentioned previously about the freeze every 58 seconds… even on the Emulator.

I checked on my phone, it freezes for 3-4 seconds every 55-56 seconds.
I’ll check on the FireStick tomorrow.
I assume tinyCam has to reconnect to Wyze every minute. Just a guess.

ok… glad to know is not just me… well, some of my cameras are RTSP so, they do not connect to Wyze.

Funny, I was just going to post about RTSP.
I have 1 V2 with RTSP, it doesn’t pauae.

hmm… that’s interesting… I wonder what is causing the freeze on mine.
I mean, I have a 6 core CPU with 12 gigs of ram running Bluestacks and all 3 cameras I have there freeze every 58 seconds… other than that, it runs very smooth and everything else runs very smooth on Bluestacks. - - Im sure there has to be some setting or something within Tinycam that’s cause that issue.

Actually… hold on… I take it back… the RTSP one does not freeze like the other ones… I have three v3 and one v2 - I thought all of them were freezing, but it’s really the ones NOT on RTSP.

Which makes me think… when live viewing them using the Wyze app, they don’t freeze at all… but why would they freeze on Tinycam?.. I have everything disabled on them… no motion or anything at all… I only use them for live viewing and I am not interested in getting any type of notification, so that’s why everything is disabled.

It must have something to do with tinyCam verifying your Wyze credentials.
I’ll see if Alexey will answer that.


I have several cams, however I only have two cams connected to TinyCam. I thought, removing all other cam and just having 2 up would do the trick. It starts off ok, then the app will just kick me out. or I will get an error. message.

What are you running Tinycam on?
It looks like whatever you’re using is not powerful enough.

The 1.7 ghz quad firesticks I use are just enough to run it…anything less than that will give you issues.

I’m using an android tablet, a cheap one… A year ago TinyCam ran flawless on the tablet, now a year later, well, that’s not the case.

Try disabling some services or apps running in the background which could be causing the tablet to run slowly.

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TinyCam is the only app on tablet