TinyCam Live View Failures

Trying out TinyCam Free before deciding on purchasing pro or not…

I set up two v2 cams and a v3 cam.

When checking each camera’s “Camera Status”, through its settings menu, I’m able to see the live feeds fine; however, when in live view:

  • The v3 camera doesn’t display at all, and after a while displays either P2P failed to start session (AV_ER_TIMEOUT) or P2P failed to start session (AV_ER_TIMEOUT_DISCONNECT) Cam firmware version is

  • One of the v2 cameras displays for maybe 30 seconds, then cuts to the black screen with camera logo, then comes back maybe 10-30 seconds later, displaying live feed for another 30 seconds or so before repeating the process. It will also briefly display colored static occasionally. When it’s displaying, fps range 0-15 and KB/s range 0-115. Cam firmware version is

  • The other v2 camera seems to work pretty well. Only issue is occasionally displaying colored static briefly. FPS range 5-18, and KB/s range 20-120. Cam firmware version is

Camera channel numbers correspond to how they’re listed.

Any ideas?

How does the regular Wyze app do from that same device and/or same location? TinyCam seems more sensitive to poor WiFi connections than the Wyze app is (although I sometimes think that’s because the Wyze app just waits longer before failing).

The v3 cam has a lot of issues with lagging and freezing in the native Wyze app. Both of the v2 cams seem to do just fine in the native Wyze app.

Okay, then see if the exact same V3s perform better when you move them closer to your router. It could just be a signal strength issue.

I know this was old but since I finally solved mine today thought I’d try to help. Every time I turn my tablet on I immediately run tinycam. Therefore, the app never got a chance to update. Updating solved the issue for me.

Of course, wyze could just use their price increases to make a multi view option in the app so we wouldn’t need tinycam.