Tinycam with wyze

Is Tinycam working with wyze cams for anyone? It stopped working for me today. Using the wyze app still works as normal

I just checked. It seemed slightly abnormally unstable when I first loaded it up. Then I switched between portrait and landscape view a few times and it eventually changed to be back to normal for me.

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v2s and v3s running well with 17.2.0/17.2.1 as released. Set the new video timeout to 5 sec. Nice option.

tinyCam 17.2.0 released! Fixed Wyze relay issue and added video timeout parameter.

Version 17.2.0 released!


  • FIXED Wyze relay connectivity issue.
  • ADDED new Video timeout parameter. Decrease it’s value if you want immediately showing video failed error on screen if no frames are coming. Useful for critical applications.


Neos cameras are broken unless Neos update camera firmware.



After I updated to 17.2.1 the issue was resolved


I have had tinycam pro for years. I find that it randomly failed to show the live feeds and didn’t recover and so I stopped using it. Because of this thread, I installed it again today.

This version seems to be more stable but some of the live feeds still disconnect.

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