App/Cam won't show more than a few seconds of video before lagging or stopping.

So I like the WyzeCam concept and I have invested enough that I am “in”, but I worry that there are some execution issues and a “too quick” to market approach.

First off, why in the world is a company Alpha testing when they already have a v1.0 on the market? Releasing a v2.0 shortly after said v1.0 is also suspicious. Was the v1.0 an attempt to generate hype and capitol when investors dried up? Like consumers would ever get a straight answer.

I wouldn’t raise this concern if not for some of the MAJOR glitches. I have 6 cameras, each with a 32GB SD card. Each is plugged into a Wemo Mini Smart Outlet. I access via one of two wi-fi networks and cellular. The first wi-fi network is the same that the cameras are on (as well as the Wemos). The second is at work. No matter the access method, the problem is the same. Streaming video is inconsistent, drops often and glitches with motion detection. That last point is worth explaining. I have noticed that if motion detection alerts are active, and you try to stream, the camera will freeze while the segment is being created/uploaded. Sometimes the camera will lose the connection and then I have to start over.

I am working through troubleshooting with WyzeLabs regarding the multitude of connection issues (which many of you may have the same woes as me), but the fact that once connected, the functionality is spotty and clunky only makes me think that the coding is subpar and someone hasn’t thought through real world usage very carefully.

Does anyone else have the lag/stop/drop issues with streaming from a camera. How have you fixed it? Have you fixed it? When does it happen for you?

Hi, thanks for your feedback through this and other threads. We can understand your frustration as a customer. For your connection issues we will be happy to work with you to get them resolved. We will likely need you to gather logs to diagnose your issues. Before that, we have several questions below:

  1. What kind of SD card are you using? What brand? Is it class-10? It looks like the cameras have compatibility issue with your SD card. It could be due to slow I/O.
  2. Do you have the SD card issue on all your 6 devices?
  3. For your intermittent connection issue, when you can't connect to the cameras, can you successfully connect again later?
  4. What is your camera's firmware version? or another one?
  5. What is your router brand and type? Is it a mesh type network?

PS: our v2 units is a hardware refresh which brings extra value to our customers. The alpha testing is for another product.

First, you are diagnosing my cameras with an SD card issue, yet the issues existed prior to installation of the SD cards, so that can’t be right. The cards are all class 10 (Samsung - MB-ME32GA/AM) . If Wyze is aware of SD card compatibility issues, where is the list of tested & approved SD cards? Don’t have one. What a surprise.

So now that we have established that this likely has nothing to do with the SD card (a form of blaming anyone other than Wyze), we can address the real issue. Shoddy programming.

#3, if the issue is sporadic, an understanding of the term would lead you to believe that I can reconnect later. So yes, I can connect, then it drops and then I have to attempt to reconnect. Sometimes the video just lags 10-60 seconds, but it has NEVER been consistent.

All cameras are on the new firmware

Linksys EA6350 is the device used for these cameras.

The v2 doesn’t bring any value to your existing customers. It is purely an attempt to monetize your failures at the v1 level. Replacing all defective v1s with v2s would be providing value to your customers.

Hi sorry for the late reply! Our cameras usually work pretty well with Samsung and Sandisk class-10 card. I used both personally and they worked fine. It is usually the generic brand which causes more problems. I think there is still an issue with your SD card inside. To investigate, I would need your help to collect app log and firmware log right after your failed connection. Can you help with that? When you submit the ticket in email, please replace the recipient email to for faster communication.

The instruction for collecting logs can be found at

I assume you have connection problem without SD card as well. Please also submit app log and firmware log to us. Thanks!

I would have loved to seen how this conversation and troubleshooting played out. I experience all the same disconnect, drops, lag and overall connection issues every day. I’ve gone round and round with tech support, several times. I’ve given up trying to fix them. I’m just sad I invested in 25 cameras in total. All I want is to have them steam 24/7 on my tablet and computer, that’s just too much to ask from an IoT camera at $30 I guess.

Wow I just realized this thread is from 5 years ago. Still with the connection issues here :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: