Connection Timing out or Dropping after a Period of Time - TinyCam Pro

For the last year or so i’ve used a wyze cam as a baby monitor with the use of TinyCam Pro on a Amazon tablet. With the background audio feature it worked great. We’ve noticed recently, within the last month or so that at some point every night the audio stops due to the connection timing out or dropping. If we pull that camera up everything reconnects and starts working for the next several hours.

This was not a problem before and hoping somebody else has run into this issue? I do understand this could be something with the TinyCam application, but I’m monitoring a different camera type identically via the same tablet and it monitors audio indefinitely.

tinyCam dev here. This seems to be a bug in tinyCam app. Try to check if battery optimization is switched off for tinyCam app on your Fire tablet.

Thanks for the reply. Power Safe Mode is toggled to off currently.

I’m having this exact issue. Did you ever get it figured out?

Sorry I never realized this thread was brought back to life. As best I can tell this has kind of cleared on its own. I haven’t really had any issues lately, nor did I make any changes to the app settings.

I am having the same issue with TinyCam and Wyze. We’re also using the pan cam as a baby monitor and the background audio needs to constantly be reset with TinyCam. It’s causing my wife and I to get less sleep because we’re worried we won’t hear the baby when she cries. Might be time to get a legitimate baby monitor unfortunately.

Any update on this Alexey? I am having the same issue.

No update at the moment.
Try to reboot your camera.

I am currently experience this issue. Perf says I’m at 1Gb transfer rate and 5MS latency. Camera has been rebooted. I do not experience any issues when using the Wyze app for comparison.