Wish there was a WYZE app for FireTV Stick - Asking alexa for WYZE recorded Events? Another App?

Not sure why there isn’t a WYZE app I can install on my fire 4k pro stick. So instead I installed the Aleza Skill WYZE and have been trying to get the alexa skill WYZE to show event without any luck. Is there a way to do this or some other app that will show my recording AI events?

The Amazon store has Tiny Cam Pro, and if you activate your Wyze cams on it, it will show you all of your cloud events on there.


Yep, TinyCam Pro is absolutely the way to go here.

The Wyze skill can be wonky (it is not dealing with my V3s properly) but it really should support “show me” voice commands for your Fire device. It always worked for me, but it takes several excruciating seconds to pull up a feed.

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