Alexa Not Working on FireTV Stick v2

I read and followed the instructions and even deleted and re-added to cams to Alexa. Everything is setup correctly from what I can tell.
When I use the command “Show cameraname” the Wyze skill goes and it looks like its connecting yet it eventually says “hmm the camera doesnt seem to be responding”. The camera is online and working in the Wyze app and I even downloaded tinycam pro for FireTV Stick and that works great.
I have rebooted cameras and power cycled FireTV Stick v2. I verified all software/firmware has been updated to latest version.
I have removed and rediscovered/re-added cams in Alexa.
Any ideas for more advanced troubleshooting?

I believe this may be related to the known issue that Wyze is engaged with here:

Suggest you file a support request (as described in that topic), including logs.

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I’ll submit a support request. Thanks.

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