Minimal setup to tying lights/smart sockets to motion sensors?

Hi, got some wyse bulbs and plugs for the holidays, would really like to tie these two motion sensors for energy savings. Not really interested in the security system aspect, just trying to be as green as possible.

I’m a bit confused as to what the minimum requirements would be to get the lights/plugs tied to a motion sensor. Some places I reading camera with bridge, other places I’m reading hub, the hub often seems to be tied to a security associated subscription, but I wouldn’t really want the subscription just for motion sensor lights. Any advice/clarification will be much appreciated.

The bridge was for the original sensors (V1) and is no longer available. The hub is for the V2 sensors, the current version. You need the hub plus motion sensors for what you want. Unfortunately, you can only buy the hub as part of the Home Monitoring System. You can purchase the hub and sensors with a one month subscription to HMS (via the Wyze website) and then cancel the subscription. You should be able to get a refund from Wyze for the canceled one month of HMS.

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There are a couple ways to do this.

  1. Staying with all Wyze tech gear - a single ecosystem
  2. Using non-Wyze motion detector sensors and linking them together using a Digital Assistant platform like Alexa or Google Home.

Option #1: Wyze Motion Sensors V2 (version 2) can be purchased individually, however they absolutely require a Wyze Sense Hub for them to work. Currently, the Wyze Sense Hub is NOT sold individually thru Wyze or any retail distributor. It can only be purchased new in the Home Security Core Kit, which comes with a host of sensors and is tied to a Home Monitoring subscription. The Wyze Sense Hub can be used without the subscription if one chooses.

Option #2: if you use some other brand of motion sensor, it would need to be compatible with Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT so that a trigger on the motion detector can initiate an action in the bulb or plug. (Note - I only use Alexa for this. Not sure how the Google Home or IFTTT rules\routines\applets do this).


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Wyze no longer offers refunds for the unused portions of a paid subscription.

Best bet is to purchase one from a box store or Amazon with the free 3 or 6 months if you don’t intend on using the subscription.

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Good to know. I do think I remember reading about that recently but forgot.


Yes. It was something that happened when they transitioned to a new subscription tracking platform. The new platform doesn’t have that capability.

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Thanks so much! That was much faster and much more helpful that I was expecting given the Christmas Eve post. Actually think I could find some uses for the other sensors in the kit. No problem with the short-term subscription either, just didn’t want to invest in the sensors, and have them turn into bricks after the subscription ended.

Everything I have so far can function, hub-free, but I’m probably going to pick up the kit, and some extra motion sensors based on the advice here. Thank you. Have a great holiday everyone!

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There are 115,000+ forum members. There’s bound to be one or two of us online. Glad to help.

There is only one item that will become a brick without a subscription. The Core Kit comes with a number keypad for arming and disarming the Home Monitoring System (HMS). Because you will loose all security monitoring arming and disarming functions without the subscription (no self monitoring arming\disarming), the keypad becomes useless without the subscription.

The Motion Sensors (in kit & sold seperately), Contact Sensors (in kit & sold seperately), Climate Sensors (not in kit - sold separately) and Leak Sensors (not in kit - sold separately) all operate with the Sense Hub without a subscription and are able to send notifications or initiate automation actions.

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Thanks again, Did some digging, and ended up making more sense going directly through the wyse site, Ended up with a year-long subscription, but being able to pick and choose specific sensors, and the 50% off deal they have on motion leak and entry sensors right now made it a much better deal, In the long run

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Glad to have you on Team HMS! We are always here if you need any help with it!