Wyze sense IFTTT delay

I’m trying to use IFTTT with a Wyze Sense motion detector to turn on the Philips Hue lights for my stairs. It works, but it takes about 5 seconds, which is about how long it takes to walk down the stairs.

What can I do to make it faster? Is there a better alternative to IFTTT?

A motion sensor that runs in the same ecosystem as the lights will always be faster. Search for a Hue PIR sensor.

Had those. They’re expensive and finicky. I also have an Echo Routine that uses a Ring alarm motion sensor to trigger a light and it’s fast. But the Echo can’t even see Wyze Sense devices, even though it can see the cameras. I think using the Echo would be better than IFTTT, if it could see those sensors.

For my basement stairs, I put in a light bulb that has it’s own PIR sensor.

I think that the right answer is for Wyze to get its sensors to show up on the Echo, the way that the (much more expensive) Ring ones do.

Par for the course with IFTTT. Alexa routines are much quicker in my experience. Hopefully that integration comes soon.

Wyze, are you reading this?

I believe they already have plans to, but voting here wouldn’t hurt

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